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I've been an AIRBNB for several years but I've never been able to stay in one


I tried to book an AIRBNB several years ago in Phoenix in February, because I was going to a wedding there & I had credit with AIRBNB, but none of the hosts responded so AIRBNB gave me more credit. So this evening I had a plumbing issue in my home so tried to book in the next town. Couldn’t book through the AIRBNB APP or chrome desktop on my Android phone, it would accept the coupon, show $0.00 due, but when I clicked the final payment button different error messages would pop up saying it couldn’t accept this form of payment. Called AIRBNB they had me try several things, none of which worked, finally asked for a supervisor, he told me they just had an update today & I had to update my Chrome browser and the app was affected by the browser being out of date… so I pulled out my laptop that has IE from 2013, soooo out of date & the booking went through, coupon accepted, poor guy doesn’t know what to think now…Anyway I have a newfound understanding for all the 1st time AIRBNB users I’ve had this summer. We’ll see what happens the next few days…


Congratulations, you’ll gain great insight into what it’s like to be a guest. All hosts should do what you’re doing.


I’ve just had a bloke and his friend stay ,from New York who hosts in his apartment. Perfect, perfect guests. I’ve also just booked our first Airbnb stay in Spain. Going through the process was very interesting indeed, certainly a great insight into what people sign up to but haven’t read.


So, Spain, eh? And why, pray, are you not staying with us? Unless you’re actually the Meier-Rostis (no first names, it seems) who arrive next week … anyway, do get in touch if you’re coming South at all.

Thread hijacked … soz …


Haha. Do you think they are anything to do with potatoes? Rosti Barons perhaps?

The original plan was to come to you, if you were open at the beginning of October, and to visit friends in Calahonda for a couple of days only. The best laid plans go astray; Mr Joan did a search for Calahonda and booked without consultation. Okay, it is a lovely apartment, but ten days with our friends? We’ll need a week off to dry out. And I’m not sure Calahonda is my cup of tea, but they are great fun. I’ll wear blinkers and hold a full glass.

I think there are two Calahondas. Mr Joan nearly booked the wrong one last year but we couldn’t go in the end. We’re in the one close to Fuengirola. Are you fairly close?


Yeah… I think any potential host should be required to have at least 12 nights as a guest at at least 4 different Airbnb listings, in at least two different states… just so they know what it’s like from the guest side.

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