It's times like this

…when I wish I enjoyed fishing.

Every booking, bar one (for this Sat night only), between now and the first week of April has cancelled over the past few days.

On the basis that I can’t be arsed accepting bookings that are likely to just cancel I’ve blocked us off until our next bookings in April. This means we can carry out a whole load of work, not only on the apartments, but on our apartment upstairs.

Tiling, painting, hard wiring internet, fixing the roof, painting the roof, re-plastering the dodgy plasterwork from the original restoration, the list is endless!

It’s going to be difficult to keep up my Oloroso based prophylaxis regime with all this work about to start, I mean I’m going to be actually busy!

And that dear folks is why I wish I was a fisherman. I’d just hang up the sign and relax for three weeks.



I note the “we”. Are you more fortunate than I?

We were planning a trip to Portugal post Easter, but “Aunty” Pam, aged 87, will no longer be going. She can still drink both of us under the table, but is much more fragile than a couple of decades ago.

Then there was the long w/e to Ireland/Cork/Waterford. Not now/yet.

Mr Joan wants to take time off in April, so I tentatively suggested we block time off and could do some decorating/shower sorting (ours…), garage/summer house sorting, fix the horrid decking etc etc., if the weather has improved. Even better, fix the polytunnel roof, blown off x2 in storms x2, x1 year ago.

If looks could kill!!!

Fortunately, I have no cancellations as I rarely have any bookings before Easter, and I’m a last minute w/e Spring & Summer destination, mainly out of London now. I do have a full house for the Open Golf in Sandwich in July, all European, so I’m not holding my breath for those.

I will win him over though. The dreaded WFH is likely to start from Monday, and he will get bored :grinning:. If only the weather improves…

And yes, we’ve been in the pub tonight, supporting our village community hub before it’s told to close in aid of social distancing.

I used to fly fish with an ex bf. So boring!

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Sign spotted in a hardware store “Ladies, your husband is busy. He’ll get around to that project you want done when he has time. You don’t have to keep nagging him about it every year.”

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The story of my life. Where can I get one?!

A sign or a husband? :crazy_face:


Looks like it :grin:

Saturday night has now cancelled, so all I’ve got to worry about now is getting home to Spain!

In addition to the Superbikes series, the Moto GP has also been cancelled so all a bit of a bugger. Now talk of cancelling all Easter celebrations.

Ho hum…


I believe that some of this is overreaction.

I also believe that every one of us - as in the planet - need an extended break.

Finish that cup of tea. Watch the squirrels. Remember what it’s all about.

Brush the dog, build a tree fort, sew. Ahhh…


Totally. Although it is catastrophic for many, the planet must be liking the reprieve from the air travel, vehicle pollution and on and on…


Can’t even go fishing, full lock down as of Monday. Troops on the streets, possibly.

What a decker.



We left Spain for our regular trip to Cape Town on Wednesday - which turned out to be the day that the number of cases spiralled. Feel partly relieved and partly strangely guilty … rats deserting sinking ship and all that.

Since we’re away for three weeks this is a real worry for us, though our kids are telling us to stay away!

We definitely can’t afford to lose our Summer bookings, so I’m hoping the peak will be over and everyone will be so fed up with being at home that they’ll be desperate to come on holiday!


Ach, you Malaga folks… what can I say.

(joking :grin: )

Maybe best to be away for a few weeks, all I’m hearing tonight is further (strong) rumours of troops on the streets as of Monday, with all bars and restaurants shut down.

When I suggested that now we’re going to be closed for a bit more than a few weeks, this would be a perfect time to take a holiday, my OH simply said “where?”. Aye, you got me there!


Where are you situated?



I got clobbered by the Canadian government tonight. They shut down cruise ship ports until July 1. All the flag-of-convenience cruise ships have to call on at least one foreign port if the are going between US ports. There goes 40% of my summer tour season!

At least I’m starting to get some Air bookings but we’ll have to see about May and June. I’m sure July and August will be better.

All of Alaska’s schools are closed until the end of the month. Alaska Folk Festival, 2 basketball tournaments, local symphony concert, and other events cancelled.

The State Capitol is now restricted to Gov, legislators, and staff and accredited media. Meetings are being livestreamed with teleconference testimony. Our city has been livestreaming some meetings also.

I’m hoping that if we’re careful locally by July the peak will have passed.

I’m sure glad I decided to work for the Census to pick up some extra cash.

I’m sorry. Hang in there!

It seems to me that this would be fascinating work. I enjoy genealogy so I know you are doing a very important job for generations to come. Thank you.

Yeah, I’ve got copies of the census pages for my family going back to 1880. Nice to know 100+ years from now it will be viewable. We haven’t started training yet.

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My list is long of things to do to make Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway more perfect. Bookings are few, however we are a staycation site and a lot of folks are going to be stir crazy real soon…

I am also considering accepting my next inquiry for a film shoot.

My Hub is driving Uber, is that safe or unsafe???

Safe is relative, right? It’s not something I’d do at this time because pay is low for the risk. People getting into the car that have just been out in public and exposed to who knows what and then needing or wanting to clean between each ride. Also can’t really do social distancing when cooped up in a car with people.

What do you do if the passenger has a coughing fit while in your car?

OTOH I figure there’s a 90% chance that no passenger will be shedding an active virus.

Well, after an extremely eventful journey I finally made it home.

I’m reminded of the first episode of the living dead.

At 6pm on a Saturday evening, this part of town is normally heaving with folks out and about.

More later.



Extremely eventful??? My curiosity is piqued! Do divulge<><> we love a good yarn on a rainy and slow inside day…
I hope my incoming guests are ready to be cozy inside “Gypsy” today!