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It's my turn for a high maintenance guest

@Militaryhorsegal Hi Kelly, I’m not sure I understand your question as to “why”?

Oh no, now the guest is complaining that there seems to be a party nearby and t hat she can hear the band playing – it’s Miami, on a Saturday, night at 10 PM and she expects peace and quiet?

This is on the platform?

@KKC yes, the guest is now communicating via the platform. Wanting peace and quiet over the weekend in the area where my apartment is located is not really reasonable.

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Unfortunely no. You can not comment on an on going claim not that I really expect them to cover it though this time, but they did cover one about 16 months ago (my 1st an only claim). So I was very cautious with what I posted. They were traveling around for another few weeks booking a few days or day before and one host did an inquiry to me and I told her the whole story. She declined their booking request.

A.k.a. entitled millennial

You should have trust your gut feeling.
I had some of those, and all of them where nightmare guest.

I now decline all request of this guest type.

Quite, it is at this point I would be considering using her last moan as an excuse to suggest that your area is obviously not suitable for her requirements and would she like you to contact AirBNB and ask them to find a more suitable accommodation for her.

At the least it will convey that you (now) no longer value her custom, as it is in her entitled little world she probably thinks her patronage invaluable & you will do anything to keep the booking. Plus if you show that you are willing to contact AirBNB that will also head off any leverage she thinks she has about “complaining to them” if she doens’t get her way over her next set of demands.


so it might sound odd
but I always contact a few hosts before a guest like that comes - as sometimes hosts just dont interact with guests and have agencies that manage the places -
so dont know if they were terrible or not
is your place a high end airbnb? -
if its just your home then she needs to get with the picture
if its a place you manage then there are check lists you can use- check out plumguide - has better customers for high end aibnbs they pay more and are
less trouble as a rule

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Do not respond to off-platform messages except to write: “NO off platform messages. We only respond to messages sent through Airbnb.”

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Because depending on the reason some hosts would have no problem hosting her while others would. Without any explanation it’s an anomaly that points to the host and not the guest who’s other reviews are all glowing.

You are allowed to (and should) post about the behavior. Just don’t indicate the claim status or that it is even a claim but do out about the behavior.

Great about telling the inquiring host the whole story at least.

What was it?

This person seems be addicted to stirring up drama about herself and being the center of your attention.
“The facilities and services provided are accurately described in the listing. Going forward, I am unable to provide additional services, such as in-person visits to rearrange or reorganize features and supplies in the unit. Our goal is for all guests to have a pleasant and productive stay. Therefore, I have contacted Airbnb host services to locate an alternative short term rental for you that would be more aligned with your preferences.”


Does she otherwise seem stable? This sounds a bit manic.

This is perfect. It sends the firm message that you won’t put up with any more of her crap and that you, unlike her, are professional and fair. You should really contact Airbnb if you haven’t already and find her somewhere else to stay. She will be nothing but trouble to you.

The only thing I would edit out of dpfromva’s excellent suggestion is the phrase “going forward”. It’s not necessary and I hate this meaningless phrase with a burning passion.


I am sorry that you are going through this. At the time I did not have the nerve to be honest, but a well regarded host finally called her out for wanting the entire home shut down at 9 PM and complaining about the stairs. Up till then I think she had 16 positives.

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I’m in West Virginia where it’s hot AND humid. I’m surprised no one has frozen our central air system yet. I’ve yet to have a guest set it to 72…it’s generally 67 or less. What really POs me is they set the system to 67…then go to work for 12 hours or go home for the weekend and leave it set on 67—thereby wasting a ton of energy on super cooling an empty house!

We are in the process of replacing all the thermostats with smart thermostats that we control!


You are forgiven. Go forth, and do not sin again. :sweat_smile:


so…how does someone get fake reviews published on the Airbnb platform?

You “book” in people who will give you good reviews. Start with your mother, your cousin, your friends. Promise mentions on influencer sites (blogs, youtube channels) in return for discounted stays and good reviews. A $10 a night booking gets the same review rights as a $1000 a night booking.

Did she IB you? Than you can get rid of her for free. Call CS and say you are uncomfortable with the guest for a variety of reasons.

Also when you reviews please put some of the reasons of why you did not recommend this to other hosts, otherwise I’ll be wondering what she did. Usually when I review I make a list of the facts, for example: Mr X Y and his group left the stovetop very dirty and all my pots and pans were left on the counter tops. Some were dirty, some were clean. Furniture was moved around and not put back. Trash was left everywhere" etc… This way other hosts would be able to judge for themselves if they are ok with such behavior or not.

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