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It's a sh!t show today


Well, we had our first guest in the camper! My husband just texted me that he checked our camper after the guests checked out this morning and they overflowed the toilet & shower and literal crap is ALL OVER THE FLOOR! They were very quiet and didn’t mention anything to me at all during their 4 night stay. The tank in the camper was completely empty before these guests arrived :tired_face: She actually sent me a message this morning saying they had a wonderful time and she would be sure to write me a great review! What the heck!
Hopefully we can get the crap cleaned up and smells out before our next guests arrive lol

I knew there would be issues and set backs occasionally but dang whys it gotta be poop!


And @janeandcharley thought their first guest was a bad situation.

Sorry this happened but glad you have a good sense of humor about it. I would be concerned that this happens after 4 days. Were there only 2 people in the party? You’d better put a limit on length of stay or something. Could there be a clog?


It was just 2 people and they filled up the 36 gallon tank in 4 days… that’s impressive! They also used waaayyy too much toilet paper and caused a clog, so I’ll be putting up a nice note reminding people that less is more. 4 nights is our limit (of course our very first guests would stay the max nights and use ALL the TP)


Would an alternative explanation be there is something wrong with the toilet system?

Could this have happened after they left? Have you slept there and used it?
I would have it checked.

If not and you are confident they broke it it (presume you have clear rules around what can and can’t be put down the toilet. You need to leave an honest review and perhaps extra cleaning.


Leave them only 1 roll of TP, and tell them that’s all that is needed for a 4 day stay for 2 people. If they are physically ill, they can message you for more…

That’s a problem with campers, as in boats. People don’t understand that the toilets are NOT like household units. A sign posted on the inside of the door about usage might help.


It’s completely possible that they never saw the shit show and they just clogged it without realizing it. After the shock has started to fade, I do realize that they may not have known. It’s a learning curve as this was the first booking for this listing plus most people don’t have experience staying in a camper/rv and don’t realize that the toilet is so delicate. Just hoping my experience will make someone laugh or not feel so bad about the crappy guest they just had (pun intended!)

My husband’s sister lived in this camper for about 6 months, so we know it works :slight_smile: Luckily for me my husband is very handy and has already fixed it. Just a huge clog of TP.

@KenH I will FOR SURE limit access to TP for all future guests


exactly! I grew up going on boats and camping, so I have to remember that the majority of people probably haven’t. I’ll definitely be putting up a sign on the door with more explicit instructions.


Sorry it went badly. As K9 said, ours wasn’t great either, but I think yours is worse. Well, so far anyway, our guests check out tomorrow but I am hoping for no overflown toilet flood. Maybe there is some kind of first guest curse! I hope so because the second guest arrives tomorrow!


i think if there was poop everywhere the guests would message you and complain that the toilet is broken, ie try blame you. not just leave it?? i mean who wants that, the first thing a guest would do is be horrified and complain to the host.

could they have flushed things just before they left and then it overflowed? you could message them and say was there a problem with the toilet when you stayed?

also i would leave a note and big sign saying dont put sanitary items,paper towels etc down toilet. and mention it when you meet them.


All cleaned up and ready for the next guests! The guests left me a nice 5 star review and I left her a great review as well assuming she had no idea.


I so wish you would have asked her if she was aware of any problem. If she wasn’t fine. If she was. they are horrible guests.


I could have asked, but I don’t have time to dwell on it. I’m positive she was unaware. I just failed to provide details on the limitations of the toilet. Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Today however, I had some guests that I asked to leave. They showed up at 7:30 AM as part of a large group that booked my campsite with tents for tonight. Apparently 3 people from this group of 8 went rogue and tried to pay me cash for showing up early- um NO.


I don’t like the idea of being told how much TP I can use!


Lol! We’ll an RV toilet is definitely not made for conholio


Oh no! So these are your second guests? I am truly terrified of asking people to leave. I’m sure it will happen eventually that something happens but I hope I get really angry in the moment so I have the courage to do it.


@janeandcharley You can get pretty annoyed at 7:30 am lol I was trying to leave for work and these idiots were putting up tents (I have 2 listings… 1 for the furnished camper and 1 for a campsite for tents) luckily I have other tent campers tonight so hopefully they’ll behave!


To be clear: This morning you just asked 3 of the 8 to leave and you refused their offer of cash payment for “early check in.” You haven’t cancelled the reservation and asked them to leave.


Yep! The person that booked it was not present this morning with the 3 I asked to leave. I’m going to give the rest of them a chance. Apparently the person who booked had no idea and was really upset. So we’ll see


I’m (still) confused: Was the problem that there were people extra? Or was the problem that they showed up early?


Both actually but now I’m regretting posting at all.

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