It's a Perfect 74 Degress and Guest Wants Air Conditioning!

I’m so annoyed right now, I can’t see straight!

We just had two new guests arrive. We welcomed them, gave them all the information they needed, showed them how to get around, etc. And they were perfectly lovely. Super nice and friendly! So everything was going great until…

Until they came back from lunch. They arrived at 12:30 this afternoon. Most guests who arrive at that time head straight into Manhattan right after they drop their things off in their room. They told us that was what they were going to do too. But right after checking in they asked if there were any restaurants nearby. They were starving, so we suggested a couple of places we thought they’d like. They left, ate lunch and came back.

Well, upon coming back they knocked on our door and asked if we had air conditioning. Of course we do - but this was the second day in about a month we’ve been able to turn it off and save some major bucks. It’s central air conditioning and it’s really expensive to run. We don’t mind running it when it’s truly hot outside, like it has been all summer so far. But yesterday and today the heat finally lifted and the weather has been gorgeous! Cool temperatures in the low 70s and low humidity as well. Plus a great breeze! Oh, and the breeze is blowing from the direction that if they open their two windows, it will blow straight into their room!

We had their windows open when they arrived and their room was perfectly comfortable. But when they came back from lunch and asked if we could turn the AC on, I told them it was a very cool day and very comfortable. And they said, 'we’re from Calgary and it’s much cooler there, so we’re feeling hot"!!!

Are you kidding me!? I checked the temperature in Calgary and it’s 10 degrees warmer there right now than it is here!!!

It’s annoying me so much that we have to run this expensive AC on a day when it doesn’t need to be run, because these two guests who are supposed to be out during the day - decided to SLEEP in all day!

…just looking for a little sympathy…!

That sucks! Your guests are not cool at all!


Haha! Good reply!

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Good thing you’re not being hot headed!
Seriously, I’m here in NYC as well and it’s a perfect day with no need for AC but what can you do. We often have French relatives stay with us and they hate AC and we have to sweat it out. Temperature is so subjective, that’s why offices and schools put covers on the thermostats so no one can adjust them.
Btw, do you have ceiling fans in the room?


Thanks for verifying that it’s a gorgeous perfect day here!

We don’t have ceiling fans. I do have a fan that I was just about to throw out and I thought about offering that to them, but I’m throwing it out because it’s noisy and doesn’t rotate anymore. I thought it might annoy them more than help - leading to more reasons for a bad review.

Maybe they’re just hot because they’ve been out walking around. They need to stand in front of a fan until they cool down to the normal temperature. I’d give/get them a fan and tell them no A/C!!


Not for the current guests but looking beyond, maybe you can update your Airbnb description to say “A/C works/available only for temperatures above X. Fans provided for anything other than that” and get a couple of new, good fans?


74F … that’s - 23C! Oh my. what an amazing July day! Actually we’ve been very lucky so far in Spain this year, with comfrtable days rarely over 28 and night-time temps of low 20s. To comply with new regulations we’ve had to install aircon in both our listings and so far this year only our family has used it!

However, if guests had really wanted it, I think I’d have agreed, especially if no ceiling fans. And really, if guests want to sleep in all day … well, it’s their vacation (and they might not have been actuallly sleeping the whole time!)


We have Nest thermostats throughout our home and have stayed in our own rental at least once a month every month to do maintenance. So we know our house pretty well, I would say. Occasionally I check the thermostat on my phone and I will find a guest running the AC when it is 75 or setting the AC to 68 (we lock it at 68) when it is 79 and complaining to me that it is still too hot after fifteen minutes, as if they had never used AC in their entire life. We have a 3-story house so the top level can get as hot as 79 degrees. And when we were there, we do this miraculous thing called opening a window. People are very strange and “extra” - and I feel for you. You have my sympathy!


I am just a bit north of you, and I have pulled out a sweater as the sun goes down. Windows open, a fan or two, and they should be very comfortable. And, we are celebrating this fabulous weather. It doesn’t get more perfect than this!


I’ve never lived in a house with air conditioning. I’m confused. I’ve read many posts here by hosts who were angry that guests turned on the air conditioning and opened windows. It appears that you believe your guests to be strange if they don’t turn on the air conditioning and open windows.


I’m in Edmonton, which is about 200 miles north of Calgary, and I kind of understand where the guests are coming from. Sure, we get 74 degree days, lots of them. But just as we are wearing shorts when it’s 50F outside, we also tend to feel the warmth a little more quickly, too. Look on the bright side. If you get Canadian guests in February, and it’s 50F outside, they’re probably not going to ask you to turn on the furnace.

You mention that it was 74F outside, what was the temperature inside if you weren’t running the AC?

I would suggest that if you are going to offer AC as an amenity in your listing, it needs to be something the guest has control over. If you prefer to control the AC yourself, then I would remove it as an amenity in your listing, but mention something like, “The listing is air conditioned, however, in the interest of cost, energy efficiency, etc., the AC will only be turned on when the outside temperature exceeds XX.”

The same idea applies if you don’t want people in your space during the day. If guests have booked your listing, they have the right to be there whenever they like, unless you have rules or curfews that specify otherwise. Perhaps they are planning to go out later and experience the nightlife, and therefore planned to take a nap in the afternoon. I don’t really see what the issue is, unless they are violating rules that were in place when they booked.


I just had guests from Florida at my house in Portland, OR. It was in the 80’s here every day they were here. I received a call at 11:00 am one day from the guests stating that the basement was too cold. What I wanted to say was “open up a window, it is 80 degrees outside!” Instead, what I did was brought over a space heater for the basement. If they had turned up the heat, they would have smoked everyone on the main and upper floor out!

Temperature is subjective. When it is over 80, I melt. I love it when it is in the 70’s and keep my house at 67 degrees when I don’t have guests. But I want my guests to be comfortable so I acquiesce to their needs as much as possible, even if it seems ridiculous to me.


I have ceiling fans and compact table top fans in my rental. It’s below a fulll upper floor, so is normally cool on hot days. Inside temp may have been above comfort level. My small fans were $20 each.

Ceiling fans are pretty unusual in the Northeast. After all, at the most we have three weeks of hot weather [though that is increasing.]

Maybe I am glad that I don’t have central A/C. Guests can make the rooms where they stay comfortable with the window units. I actually do suggest the temperature that I believe the rooms are comfortable. This summer, guests have actually used the suggestions! Yea!

However, during the winter, the temperature the house is set by a master thermostat. My listing states clearly what temperature we set it to. The listing also includes the fact that we wear as many as three sweaters to stay warm. I have the price of my space set based on that temperature setting. This is clearly stated. No. I am not going to set the thermostat to a higher temperature. I want my guests to be comfortable. I also need my AirBNB space to not loose money.


We get “yankees” who come down to Florida where we keep the house and cabana temp at 80F (which we consider comfortable) who immediately turn the AC down to 68 or 70 and then put on sweaters!! The temp differential makes the cabana windows ‘frost’!

Still, AC is part of the cost of doing business.

So far, knock on wood, I’ve never had a complaint about temperature.
Guests have a window unit in their bedroom, although their hallway and bathroom can get quite warm.
It usually cools down here in the evening.
I also show guests how to put the fan in the window to draw in the cool night air.
When I have no guests…I don’t care if 98F and humid…no AC because I’m cheap like that and because it’s only a few night per year.
I don’t rent in the winter though, as it can get bitterly cold…and I rarely turn my heat up greater than 68
F. I literally walk around in at least two layers of clothing, a big old bathrobe, and sometimes, even a hat to keep warm

Haha! Yes! They won’t ask us to turn the furnace on, but we’ll already have it on and they’ll ask us to turn it off!!

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No, we don’t mind them being here. It was just annoying that today of all days a guest decides to stay here (when that so rarely happens) AND they wanted to turn on the AC and run it all day when it was perfectly comfortable without it! Other than that, we would never care if they’re here during the day or not. And if it were a little warmer and we were running the AC anyway, we wouldn’t care either. We’ve run it every day, 24 hours a day this whole summer. This is the first time since early June it has been off.

Turns out you were right about their intentions. They did sleep during the day and at 9:00 pm they left and went out and partied. When they came back they were a little drunk and making a ton of noise. At 2:00 a.m. they were so loud it woke me and my wife up. (That NEVER happens). So my wife went in and gently knocked on their door and kindly reminded them we have another guest and asked if they could be a little quieter.

When she did that, the one woman who was the original complainer jumped up out of the bed and very aggressively shouted, “WE PAID FOR THIS PLACE BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU HAVE AIR CONDITIONING AND NOW WE FIND OUT YOU DON’T HAVE IT!”

I don’t know what she meant by saying we don’t have it. Because what I didn’t mention in my OP was after she asked for some AC, despite my being so annoyed by it, I did turn it on for them. And do you know… literally 7 minutes later they called me into their room and said it wasn’t working! They pointed to the vent and said they didn’t think any air was coming out of it. So, I pulled a chair over, stood on it and put my hand under the vent. It was working fine. Cold air was pouring out as it should. I told them, it takes a little while to cool down the room, so just give it some more time. Geesh! 7 minutes!

Anyway, tonight she demanded AC again. We hadn’t turned it off but it just wasn’t coming on because it was set to 72 (22C), but it was 70 (21C) inside the apartment. And it was 65 (18C) outside! I’m sitting here with the windows open right now and my feet are freezing!

I’ve hosted several thousand guests over the years and this is only the second time a guest has had a problem with the temperature We had a German guy a couple of years ago who during the hottest part of the summer would actually get up in the middle of the night and turn the AC completely OFF! About an hour later everyone in the apartment would wake up it in a hot sweat!


Obviously I’m going to be in the minority here but there’s no way I’d run the ac in your situation. It’s ridiculous.

I know that 74F feels different depending on humidity, basically location. 74F in Arizona was quite comfortable but 74F in Florida is COLD! So believe me, there would be no thoughts of ac if it was that cold here but maybe 74F feels warmer where you are? In the winter, my thermostat is set to 77F and you need to wear a sweater if you’re just sitting around. I once had the heater on 75 and my eyeballs were freezing, my ears hurt, my hands were like ice. I won’t wear gloves inside my home unless it’s the apocalypse, fimbulwinter maybe.

So no. No way would I cater to crazy in my home.

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