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It is New Terms of Service Season Again!


Not quite as romantic as the swallows at Capistrano, but just as unavoidable. Airbnb is updating their TOS again and we all must Agree or fall on our swords.

Of special interest this year: new payment terms including group payments and deferred payment.



Whew! The “updates” are coming fast and furious now. It’s a fast one-way train and there is no getting off because the sword awaits.

I can hear it now…“Vee haff vays of making you obey!”


How did you find out about this? I find it very frustrating to learn of changes through this forum (but thankful for the hosts that post things!)

From Airbnb:
no email, saw nothing in my dashboard, and saw nothing in the Community Center - All Discussion Rooms - Airbnb Updates.


Yea I got this email yesterday


I found out via email. For large mailings to all members the email distribution can take a number of days.


I have never received an email from Air about anything except the booking related ones. I have checked my settings and asked about it when I’ve called CS about other things. Sometimes I feel left out :no_mouth:!


Also get ready for the wonderful 48 hour bookiing grace period! Remember to be happy about it! It’s all to get you more guests!!!


You know Kona, THAT is always the part of the updates that fries my behind the worst. Talk about adding insult to injury. Air’s attempts to make me believe their updates have anything to do with my best interests would be hysterical if they they weren’t so insulting. Do they really think we are that stupid?


They do…


I got the 48-hr grace period notice and the tax reminder emails last month and the email about the revised TOS this month. I can hardly wait for next month.


Just got the notice via email. Clicked through to view the terms, but they are soooo long with no indication of what changed. Anyone dig through it yet?


I didn’t read through the terms. But I started a new thread yesterday titled “Airbnb service fees”. They have recently increased those up to 20%


I’ve been monitoring the airbnb fees lately on inquires, gap between what the guest pays and what host receives is getting wider.
Not surprisingly have had a fair few requests to deal outside of the site.


You don’t mean fees for the host do you? I’m not following this.


Service fees. But considering the pilot of charging hosts the full commission…it could very well be the host later on.


Finally got the email - first non-guest confirmation/visit related email I’ve gotten so maybe now I’ll get others! It came at 9:49 Saturday night.


@Asheville - “Just got the notice via email. Clicked through to view the terms, but they are soooo long with no indication of what changed. Anyone dig through it yet?”

In the body of the text of that email, one of the links is “Terms of Service Update Page” Each of the changes are set forth and explained in detail.


20 percent for some guests
and 20 percent for hosts of “experiences”


Can you imagine a booking where guests are charged 20% and hosts are as well? Air takes 40%? I can, maybe not now but it’s coming.


I honestly feel like Air is getting more and more desperate for profits.

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