It is LEGAL to rent a room for days in my apartment in BARCELONA?

Hello there,

Barcelona council is asking for touristic licence to hosts who want to rent their whole apartment. I am wondering if it is the same situation if you rent a room for days in my apartment?

I Would not really want to have trouble and get a fine. As apparently inspectors are going around and busting everyone… I really do not know what to do…
Any advice will be appreciated!

Thank you

Better to ask your city council than to ask here…

Yes, completely illegal to rent any portion of you flat without a Tourist Permit. What part of the the city are you in? Some more distant parts of the city, may still be issuing permits, but the I believe Colau has put a moratorium on a permits within Barca city limits.

We just recieved the ‘official’ post from the council asking us to report any illegal rentals in our building. They are getting more serious, than just the enforcement squads standing by the Metro and following tourists to their rented flat, and checking the address to make sure it is permitted.

Wow! The airbnb police!

It’s been going on for at least 2 years, ever since the protests in the beach cities and ‘old town’. There are enforcement officers that stand by the main touristic metro stops/bus drops/etc and wait for tourists with bags, then follow them and ‘check’ the address against the database of legal rentals. If it is illegal they make the renters go elsewhere and place tape/signage on the flat, plus levy a fine and if you can’t pay the fine you have to rent the flat to social housing for way below market rate.