Issues with the calendar on the Airbnb site

First question: can the calendar be hidden from public view?

Does anyone ever have an issue with people reading the calendar and 1) if they are guests, asking to extend their stay for extremely cheap (with the impression they will leave a bad review if you don’t agree?); 2) if they are a service provider, ie, a cleaner, they start contacting you for more work based on your schedule, which they’ve accessed online?

Both these things have happened to me recently. I don’t mind saying no to people when I have to, but I’d rather not be in a position where I have to do it a lot.

Hey Irene those are 2 good reasons why it’s not great to have your calendar…but from a guest’s perspective it’s actually a feature that helps them whether the place can fit their criteria. As for your first point I’ve never had a guest do that…and truthfully if they threaten you with that they are not good guests you want around anyways so I’d rather have a bad review than someone trying to coerce you.


I’ve just set up our vacation rental in Airbnb and can’t get the calendar function to work. For our internal use, we use Google Calendar and after trying several times to set this up to sync, it still won’t sink. Nothing on our Google Calendar shows on the Airbnb calendar. I’ve asked for help from support. The very nice and responsive Airbnb tech said they are at a loss as to why it isn’t working and suggest I contact Google but in the meantime, to put my unavailable dates in manually. Any other suggestions?

Indeed we have an issue… We use airbnb with instant booking. However some guests still prefer to ask for pre-approval (reservation). Even if I check the box “block room” on airbnb, it does not show up in the calendar. So, I guess, it cannot be synced with booking dot com. On the other hand, if I manually block the corresponding room on booking, it will sync back with airbnb, thereby changing the pending reservation to “impossible”. How to do this correctly? Thanks…

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