Is this Rude- or am being overly sensitive?

Older couple checked in yday. Women was lovely, friendly, chatty. However as I was showing the map, the husband wonders off, to shut my balcony door (Roughly i may add). He then lifts my laptop from the settee, shakes it in the air to ask if its mine! Yes, off course, I live here, i say.
Then when showing their bathroom, he takes no interest, but paces off again and tried to open my bedroom door and store room door! (Both are in rules that theyre out of bounds)! They are complete newbies, still I found him completely shameless! Wondering how to put it in the review- as the wifes lovely and its her profile? I did remind him about the rules, but he looked at me as if id 2 heads.

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This is absolutely dreadful manners by a guest!!! I have had people (almost always men) wander off while I am talking, which I find extremely rude… (you are renting my home and you can damn well listen to five minutes of orientation about the room!) but to pick up your personal laptop and shake it around!!! If it’s older, that could actually affect the hard drive. They Re spinning devices just like a phonograph of old. And then try to get into locked rooms… that is beyond the pale. He needs a bad review for that behavior. Does not matter if the wife was nice. Just makes me wonder what he did when you weren’t looking! How long do they stay?


This sounds like someone who is perhaps slightly autistic, and certainly someone who doesn’t have a sense of personal space. Since “rude” assumes intent, I probably wouldn’t use that word, but this is, without question, inappropriate behavior in someone else’s home.


I know K it was over the top. Theyre staying another night. Hes very eccentric!

You know what smtucker, I was thinking he could be autistic. I always like to give people the benfit of the doubt, but I think his behaviour was OTT. I’m also wondering did he think he was getting the whole apt to themselves. Just glad they check out tomorrow.

If he was, you should have been informed. Very socially inappropriate.
But I always find men who start to wander away from me while I’m talking are not going to be good guests. It’s a red flag.

How have they been since?

Ive had it a few times to, men wandering off, but nothing like this behaviour. So ignorant.
I saw the wife briefly this morning, they were still here when I left at near midday. During the night he was up and down like a yo yo to the bathroom. I know it was him as he sounded as if he was throwing up in the loo. I’m just relieved they arent staying longer.

I’m sure that if informing hosts that they are hosting a diabetic who could die in your home is inappropriate, then informing a host that the guest is autistic won’t cut it.

So glad I have a door separating me from the guests now.

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Well not as a requirement but as courtesy. Do you remember when DC had those guests that brought a screaming SPED child with them and didn’t ask about it first? Whether those sorts of needs could be accommodated? There were all sorts of discussions on the forum about that, but I felt that informing the hosts if you are bringing an out of control child would have been common courtesy.


Oh, I know what you meant. I was gobsmacked that people think a diabetic’s privacy is more important than the host being able to make an informed decision about helping a guest who might need medical attention. I don’t like it but I understand why people who have a special needs child or adult wouldn’t want to disclose it.


The thing is an older person with special needs probably doesn’t realise it. They’re just seen as eccentric. Because when they were children the diagnostical tools just weren’t there. These people are seen as ‘odd’ ‘eccentric’ ‘extrovert’ ‘difficult’. Not ‘autistic’ ‘ADHD’ etc


But yes, it’s rude. I would feel uncomfortable and would be counting down the minutes until check out! No excuses

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I wouldn’t necessarily inform a host first if I were diabetic…I would worry I wouldn’t get accepted! But if you have a history of going down in comas and ending up in the ER you almost shouldn’t be traveling without someone to help you just in case of emergency!

I think DC ended up mentioning in a review that those people brought a child who wasn’t appropriate for the household. Apparently she would scream day and night and was getting into things and wasn’t supervised well. I forgot how DC worded it.

He may not even be autistic…feel like im making excuses for him. Could be just a rude, disrespecful man, who is way to forward.
I may add something in the review that he was very curious with the apt surroundings.

Ummm. If I may sunshine… That’s too cryptic. Tell it like it is! You will never see these people again, thank god! The guest was rude and picked up your laptop and shook it around!!! That’s a universe away from being curious!!!

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Haha your so funny K! I know youre right though!!
The poor wife! Will be her first review on her profile and the husbands ruined it!

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Although Kona advised you not say anything nice I think it’s worthwhile to distinguish between the behavior of the two. In case the wife ever uses Airbnb alone it would be nice if hosts had that information.

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But isn’t it a package deal? Won’t you get them both as a tag team? You could mention the wife was lovely, but what good does it do? Once hosts read the rest of it they won’t want to rent to either of them I’m thinking.

I know lots of people who travel without their spouses.

True… But this goes back to reviewing the GROUP who stayed with you. I think I have told the story of the lovely English girl who was traveling with her D-head BF. he was an ass from the minute he got to the apartment and then they lit a mosquito coil in the house. When I tried to claim damage I could tell it was him using her account to write nasty responses to me…

I still had to review her even though he was causing all the trouble. It was her responsibility that she was traveling wi a jerk and that she let him use her account.