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Is this any of you?

Is this any of you? :rofl:


I think it’s a lot of hosts :rofl: Great parody.

Well corona also has some good things.

A lot of landlords are now switching to LTR and rents are already dropping in big cities.

Funny how AirBnB always said that their influence on affordable housing was negligible.
Now Corona is exposing their lie.


You actually think that’s why current rents are dropping? Then why are Airbnb rates also dropping? Because if it’s just a matter of supply and demand then Airbnb rates should be up.

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I agree. I laughed til I cried.

It wasn’t me but it would have been if I had thought of it. I bet he works for Airbnb corporate :wink:

Yes, exactly. Landlords switching from STR to LTR increases supply and makes rents drop.

AirBnB always tried to convince everyone that STR had no influence on the housing market and rents.

Now the virus shows that STR has a huge impact.

Interesting. Do you have an news article about this you can share? I couldn’t find one on a quick internet search.

BTW my LTR isn’t going to be able to pay her April rent due to work closure and unless things change quickly she won’t have May’s rent either. LTR isn’t looking great to me right now


Good parody. At least I hope it is. Some of the reactions looked like people were taking it seriously.

I’m hoping The month of May is calmer and people return to acting sanely.

Anecdotally, I can tell you this is what Seattle hosts are doing. I’ll suggest to a local publication that they report on this to study how it is affecting our rental market.

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