Is there any way to warn other hosts?

Good evening -
Is there anyway to warn other hosts in my area about a potential problem guest? “D” first contacted me wanting to know if she could have a total of 9 adults in my apartment. I said No- it was a comfortable sleep of 4 with 6 as the absolute maximum. About a week later she automatically booked for 5 adults for midweek of our busiest festival time (July). I sent her the house rules and asked her to please read them and ask any questions. I never heard back until just this evening when she contacted me asking for me to cancel her reservation so that she could have a full refund rather than the 50%. I replied that she needed to handle that on her end as she is the one wanting to cancel, not I. She then sent a message saying that she needed the cancellation because one girl in the group had gotten into an accident and could not pay her portion, another was canceling due to that one and the other’s couldn’t pay those two girl’s portion. She then said that she would keep the reservation if I refunded her $250. I asked her how many adults she was wanting to re-confirm and she replied 5. I told her that that is what her current reservation was for (meaning that she planned on bringing in more than that even though she had already been told she couldn’t) so the reservation was accurate as it stood and there was no need for a refund of any money. She sent several more messages saying that if I refunded her $250 she would keep the reservation. I said she needed to do all of that on her end. Air sent me a notification shortly after that “D” had canceled her reservation and my dates were now back open to rent. I am SO happy to not have this girl and her friends in my place but I’m sure they’ve found another place in town or are currently looking- is there anyway to legitimately warn others? Thanks in advance

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I would say only if you both review each other right away. Otherwise even if you review her she will have 14 days before it shows up on her profile.

If there is I would like to know. I had a crazy guest and asked airbnb to ban him (cops coming to the house for him, used my address to gain residency & get his mail, Cranking DJ equipment at all hours and outdoors, etc.) Airbnb CS told me that as long as I wasn’t in fear for my safety I would just need to wait out the reservation.

I guess you should be in fear for your safety then!


He was bat sh*t crazy, but somewhat harmless at the same time. I felt bad for him, but also for future hosts!

But if the CSR said they would only do anything if you were in fear then BE IN FEAR!..

I found this out the hard way when dealing with a young subordinate once. She was a scrawny little runner and I feared for my safety none from her but feared what my supervisor would do for not giving this brat her way…the investigation that later came up let her off scott free because i was not afraid…of her.

Similarly, many gun laws only allow people to use their guns if they fear for their lives…I think many would fear for their lives and shoot rather than thinking “I have nothing to fear because I have the gun.”

Sorry if they are bad examples but I just got the feeling that you were missing the point of my statement.

No, I understood. Maybe I should have told them I was “in fear”, b/c really he was (and no, I’m not an expert) mentally disturbed and completely unpredictable. I really just did not want a sh*t-show, cops showing up in my quiet cul-de-sac, drama w/ neighbors, etc. Maybe I was just taking the easy road out. I really think ABB should have taken it more seriously. I just let it go and let him stay for the rest of his reservation. (That was over U.S. Thanksgiving and I’m still getting his mail. Ugh.)

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No there isn’t. The only way is to contact hosts individually via Airbnb. Also check to see if your town has a local Facebook group. You could post there if it isn’t a violation of the group rules.

I’d just let it go myself. It’s just a flakey guest not a public danger.


Do you have a local host forum you could post on? @Annie_Russell

Yeeees with the local Hosts FB group! The hosts in my area DO share warnings this way!!

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There’s no way to review, the reservation was canceled

That’as an idea- I don’t think so but I will check. Thank you

The way you warn other hosts without opening yourself up for retaliation is by click “No” when you’re asked if you recommend that guest. I require a positive review from other hosts and no negative reviews to instant book my place. If I don’t see that a guest is recommended by anyone and they have a review, even if it isn’t a bad review, I know thats a signal to me that there is something that this host didn’t like about the guest’s stay but they couldn’t quite say what it was.

A lot of times a guest will have 10 reviews and only be recommended by 8 hosts but they got 2 reviews from one host and 1 reviewed them but didn’t recommend them. Its very tricky and intentionally difficult to weed out.

That is really of limited effectiveness. I’ve written here multiple times about a guest with multiple bad reviews who just keeps on using Airbnb. I canceled on her but other hosts don’t seem to have a clue or don’t care.

It depends on what you’re hosting. I have private rooms in a house so I have to be very picky. If a guest is rude and noisy, the other guest on another level might complain. If this was a whole house rental it’d be different.

I didn’t read about that guest so I won’t ask you to rehash all the gorey details but if a guest has a bad review, they can’t stay at my place.

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Again- this reservation was canceled when she couldn’t extort a refund from me so there is no way to leave a review via Air. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on that. I am looking into a local hosts forum

If a guest cancels, I still get to leave a review. Is that not the case when Airbnb cancels it?

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Not that I can see - there is no way that I can see to leave a review- the info next to the none first-name- only -and -no -pic says ‘cancelled.’ and indicates that the dates are reopened for reservation

Only if it’s on or after the day of check in.

From the website on your Hosting Dashboard is the only place I can leave a review for a cancelled reservation. It comes up as a notification but I guess you would have to wait until the review period opens which I’m not sure when that is.