Is there a way to see reviews a guest has written for prior hosts?

A few people have mentioned that they screen for nitpicky guests by looking at reviews the guests have written for prior hosts. Do others do this, and if so, how do you find those reviews?

This is a great question, I am interested as well!

I have instant book on. So no screening for me.

Reviews are mostly 4 and 5. Except one who unfairly rated me and gave me 1. But he was just a stuck up ass.

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This has been covered here already, more than once.

If a host has written a review for the guest, click on the host’s profile, and search for the guest’s review. Most of the time, if the host has written a review, so has the guest. The host review is the only link to the guest review. If the host hasn’t written a review, there is no way of knowing about the corresponding guest review.

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Thanks, Faheem! Sorry for the duplicate question. I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything. I appreciate your stepping in.

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Now that I know how to view them it’s a “duh” moment. It makes so much sense, but at first I couldn’t think of how to do that. It’s nice to be able to see what kind of reviews they’ve left for other hosts to know what to expect of them.

I still new & trying to learn how past Hosts Reviews can help me screen or prepare for Guests.

So is the Overall Rating under a Travelers name the…
1-cumulative rating of all other Hosts?
2-My rating of Guest?
3-Guest’s rating of us?

I’ll be glad to figure AirBnB out.

I didn’t get a “duh” moment yet. Still trying to figure how where’s what. Sigh.

This thread is so old, it doesn’t mention the Chrome extension to read guest reviews of other hosts.

Uhm!! Hello!! It’s 2023, so my response is really old, but I just got my first 3 star review in 3 years … . and I think it’s BS, but I’d love to see what this guest has written about other hosts. Why can’t I see that? Given the truly weird comments this guest had (the bed isn’t a box spring!!!), I am thinking that they are just wacky. I’d like to know that in advance.

What is that!!! I am still trying to find the answer to this question. Just had my first 3 star review based on all sorts of odd stuff like the bed was not a box spring bed … I had no idea people cared about such things. And the guest claimed that the sheets weren’t clean, but that’s just wrong … and she was upset that there was no picnic table outside, but that info is all available on the site. All this after I gave a good review because the place was left clean. So I was wondering if there was a place to find reviews by guests that could alert one to the fact that a potential guest was a nutbar!!

Yes, it’s a plugin called AirReview.

Wow! Thank you so much!

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I haven’t seen that working since they updated and changed the layout of the profiles. Has it been working for you?

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I haven’t been using it.

I quit using Air Review several years because it was quite glitchy. It would say “the host didn’t leave a review” when in fact, the host left reviews for all their guests.

@Ngreeley Read Faheem’s response, third from the top on this thread. It takes longer to cross-reference, but once you do, most guests don’t have scores of reviews they’ve left, so it’s not all that tedious. I seldom bother to check how a guest has reviewed past hosts if the guest has good past reviews and communicates well. I’m sure I could misjudge someone based on that, but it hasn’t happened yet.

And it’s important to keep in mind that just because a guest left a bad review for a host doesn’t mean it wasn’t warranted. It’s a pattern of complaints about everywhere they’ve stayed that’s a red flag.

Thanks for this, Muddy! In this case, I really think it wasn’t warranted which is why I am wondering if this is just a super high maintenance person or something. But I understand that one bad review out of many is probably not a problem. I guess, to be honest, I am a little hurt! Thanks again for your response!

Don’t stress over guest complaints about stupid things like not having a box spring mattress. If no other guests have complained about the bed, it’s obviously irrelevant. (I use foam mattresses and guests have told me they slept great)

And guests aren’t stupid- if you have a bunch of good reviews, they will see it for what it is- an outlier from some overly critical fusspot. Too bad about the 3*s that brings your rating down, though.

You say this guest was upset that there wasn’t a picnic table, when you never listed one in the first place. That’s the sort of thing you should mention when you review a guest, to warn other hosts- just because a guest left the place clean doesn’t mean they deserve a perfect review. No need to be detailed, but something like, “Guest expected amenities which were not listed and expressed displeasure that what she would have liked wasn’t provided” is a warning to other hosts and lets the guest know that her behavior wasn’t okay.

Thanks, muddy! I am always learning!