Is there a way to get into the search?

I live close to a bigger town that I bet have a lot of people staying there. And the search engine does show some Airbnb places outside of that town on approximetly the same distance from that city as where I live, but my town doesn’t show. How come? And does anyone know how I can get into the search? It doesn’t have too many Airbnb places even though it is a bigger town. And if you click it my town shows on the map, but no airbnb places shows up. It it limited to like 20/search or something?

Im not sure how this works. I guess you should ask customer service but i, as a tourist, am always annoyed that when I search a city it shows me houses that are not in the city that I want, but in the suburbs, sometimes far away from what I want. I think they bundle up the city and the suburbs and they show only whats brand new or the listing of superhosts and those what you call them… the listings of people who paid for professional photos and such. ANd then there listings of people who do all these things to stay on the top of the search.

But when I zoom in the area that I want I am able to see listings that otherwise do not pop up. But this is strictly by looking at the map. When location is important to me

Personally I’ve always tried looking a bit outside the “normal” search range myself just to maybe get a better deal. But sometimes it feels like the search area is bigger and other times smaller and I wonder why that is.

I think that it has to do with the people’s listings that are carefully maintained etc. so all these people who do what they were supposed to do in order to maintain their statuses might be from all over the place close to a city and their listing might have a keyword the name of the city. (Actually I’m sure of that, i’m a software engineer). The system goes by the keywords, not by physical address, so that’s why sometime you can get all the places that are up tp 50 miles close to a city. Sometimes not. But if you zoom in you will probably see other listings whose owners perhaps are not superhosts or they didn’t update their listings in a long while or host only occasionally on God knows what.

But I’ve added that cities name as a keyword (or at least I thought I did, its not in my listings name but info). However when looking at the map it looks like it shows listings from north to south if that makes any sense, while my place is to the east of the town.

Are you a superhost or had your picture professionally taken by ABB? How often do you update your listing? If your listing doesn’t show up on searches you need to take some actions. This is exactly what I am saying. Those people from the north or the south or whatever perhaps they are superhost, have Airbnb Plus or maintain their listing very often. If they do this it doesn’t matter where they are - if they are still in the city zone - they will score high on searches.

In order for you to be found, like them, you need to do what they do. There are videos on youtube that tell you what to do if you want to be found on people’s search.

I am the first search in my town that shows up but ABB haven’t taken my photos. I dont see only superhosts as listed on the search and the funny thing is that when I zoom in they show searches further to the east of me (like 1 hours drive from the big city Im talking about) but it sort of skips my towns listings?

I don’t have the nearest major city in the title of my listings and I’m still getting plenty of bookings. Are you saying it would increase my search rank if I did include the name of that city? I’m in a suburb about 25 miles out.

@Mexican: yes. As I said, watch those videos on youtube on how to be found on airbnb

Sorry I can’t agree. I am one of the those people who do all the things you are meant to do to optimise my listing, have superhost status, great reviews, city in the title, yada, yada, yada.

Normally with SEO key words are important, but not so much in terms of Airbnb’s algorithms. IB for example and reviews are far, far more important.

I often seeing listings way ahead of me that aren’t even in our city, don’t have SH status etc. And that is in a city with thousands and thousands of listings, they still put in houses in the country that are 30 or 40 miles way (and no they aren’t new listings).

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I watched some youtube video that said “look at your rating” and according to my site’s source I have 100? And like I said: Im usually top pick when searching for my town. But I want to be at least ON the search for the next town too.

I am not sure there is a way you can do this @Maria_Flygare - although you may come up randomly :slight_smile:

Are you guys talking about the Youtube videos from Kelvin Ma? He’s the one who talks about a lot of technical terms.

Just got this badly spelled reply from Airbnb. 16:34

Hi Maria

Like i explained before is to possible to assist you with your request.

The other listing may have the address wrong and also the GPS coordinates wrong.
Its not fare from the guest perspective to rent listing that is located in a complet difent location that was supposed to be.
And I also inform that if the guest reports any situation like this he can cancel the reservation
with a full refund.

If you have any further questions i will be glad to help but with this matter i am not abble to more than this.

Thank you


Thats a really generic response. He could’ve just said he doesn’t know why and it would take too much effort for him to find out why they are showing up and yours isn’t.