Is there a way to find out how a prospective guest has reviewed other hosts these days

Is that Chrome extension still working, or are there new hacks?

Hello, I used it (AirReview) last Thursday and it was fine :+1:


Still works for me. Otherwise, you have to do the more time-consuming version. Clicking on the host’s profile who left that guest a review and scrolling down to find the review that guest left for them.


I just had a guest with 4 prior reviews. I have self check in. He said he would be late. I said c’mon by any time. He dropped in quite early to rest. I wasn’t ready and offered him another room until I was ready, 45 min. Seemed to be ok.

Then he came by quite late and couldn’t find street parking. I was happy to meet him and show him a spot but he parked on the next street. 3O min later the spot in front of my house freed up.

I noticed a draft from his room. He said he liked fresh air and I left the window open a bit. I messaged him and mentioned this and he closed it.

This morning he left without a word. I feel like I have done something wrong. Thoughts?

There is also a version of AirReview for Firefox.

@justMandi said “…did I do something wrong?” Ys and no. Yes for saying “come by any time” and not meaning it. Why are you being traffic warden? Not your job to show him where to park – what you did wasn’t 'wrong, even if he chose not park where you suggested.

If you don’t want guests opening windows, then nail or glue them shut, but if the widows open you really had no reason to message him about the subject.

Leaving without a word isn’t a crime. We have guests who do that even after we’ve said “come to the door and say goodbye”. We’ve done it ourselves when the Host isn’t in the immediate area and we’re in a hurry for some reason.

I hope Ken was being tongue-in-cheek and is not seriously suggesting this fire hazard. Never nail or glue windows shut. Make sure they open properly and easily in case of fire.

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Thank you Ken. Good to see you are in fine voice today! Actually I left the window open. He said he liked fresh air. It just felt awfully chilly.

Tongue firmly in cheek. However last year we stayed in one Airbnb in Florida where the windows literally had been painted shut, probably back in the 1940s (very old house).

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lol Just reading those words ‘windows painted shut’ gives me anxiety! The house we list had the windows gunked shut from apparently never being cleaned for 16 years after the house was built. My husband spent days cleaning out gunk and making them look and slide like new.