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Is there a way to add two nights on weekend only


Hey, I just recently started arbnb, I am booked nearly every weekend for 2 nights, but some people have booked for only one night on a weekend, making it difficult for me to fill the other night, I do not mind having only one night booked on a week night, but on a weekend it eats into my income, is there a way to change this in the settings? or should I just go minimum 2 nights> or am I better, opting out of instant book and if someone tries to reserve for ‘one’ weekend night, then I decline and explain why?

diplomacy, courtesy and respect are something I need to practice and try to do this without offending people.



Oh, I would totally opt out of Instant Book – but I like to screen my guests. Instant book is a problem if you have limitations on what guests can do – max number of guests, 2 night min on weekends, no kids or pets, etc. I would host awhile before you decide whether you want to do Instant Book.


Agree… Take yourself off instant book. And ask for a two night minimum. One night has never made sense to me…by the time they have paid a deposit, cleaning and the one night fee they could have gone to a hotel.

Don’t let the guests push you around. You are in charge here. You’ll get plenty of bookings without kowtowing to them. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that makes sense, I have turned off instant book, I can accept one nighters during the week, but a weekend I will have to decline….


Make sure you write this somewhere on your listing

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