Is there a better way to share info with guests?

Hi Hosts,

As a fellow host, I’ve found the current methods of sharing sensitive info with guests to be tedious and un-secure. I just don’t feel comfortable sharing sensitive info, like the alarm code, via email, text or paper and I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way? I work for a start-up that offers a solution to this problem, that I find very helpful, but want to see if it’s something other hosts might also find useful. Would love to get your feedback and thoughts on the following:

  • How do you share sensitive information ( alarm code, wi-fi, directions) with your guests?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your current method or are you hesitant to share information this way?
  • Do you experience issues when sharing information with guests?
  • Would you like an easy and secure way to share information with guests?
  • If Yes, Personal offers a secure solution for this problem.
  • Does this product interest you?
  • What do you think of the messaging on the landing page?
  • Would you try the product?
  • If you signed up and tried it, what did you think? What did you like? What do you think we need to improve?

Thanks for your help! Any feedback or thoughts is greatly appreciated.