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Is the dog service, support or therapy? Article

Sharing a helpful article to help clarify the differences among service , support, and therapy dogs. It is not intended to tell you how you should handle your rental.

Service dogs absolutely are given access to any place their person goes because they are of service to help that person with activities of daily living. Support and therapy dogs are not as clear on what is appropriate access and tend to be the areas we hosts struggle with (at least I do).

I think the issue must hosts struggle with is guests who are illegally trying to bring pets to their rentals, or avoiding pet fees for those that do.

Just had this with a long-term apartment vacancy. Prospect texts me and asked about the pet monthly fee. I said it was $25 monthly and what type of animal please? Prospect says it is a registered service animal. I said why didn’t you say that in the beginning? Then I did the 2 ADA questions. On the second about what tasks the animal performs, the prospect then said it was an emotional support animal. I said that is not a service animal. And that misrepresenting one is a misdemeanor in some areas. The prospect then took her leave.

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