Is no pool a deal breaker?

Our neighborhood pool and hot tub complex is under renovation this summer. Would that be a deal breaker for you when searching for a summer vacation spot? We are in the mountains so personally we almost never use the pool bc it is too cold, we do use the hot tub 1-2 times per month. We have 2 upcoming weekends open so I am a little surprised as we are usually booked solid outside of the mud month.

When we hosted in SoCal only one guest ever used the pool and hot tub in 3 years. His comment was that it was very crowded on the holiday weekend he booked! Just don’t mention the pool or hotub in your listing. Highlight all the other wonderful things about your listing.


That is exactly the fresh perspective that I needed! Thank you. I took off the remodel reference to stop reminding people what they aren’t getting.
I will add a picture of the new pool facility “coming soon” once ski season bookings pick up in September.

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So, so, so very true! They’ll never miss what they don’t know about!

I think it depends a lot on what other hosts offer in the area and price range. If I just drive through to stay a night, I don’t care. If I vacation somewhere I’d love to have a pool. If I have 2 similar properties at similar price and 1 has a pool and the other doesn’t - I’ll take the one with the pool.

If the one with pool costs twice of the one without, then I can probably do without

It depends on what kind of vacation. For me last year going to Costa Rica, yes. For this summer going to NYC, no.

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This morning I was looking for a place with a pool. With the very hot weather we are having in my area it made me want a pool and I’m willing to pay a premium for the luxury if it’s a private pool.

Her listing is for a community pool and hot tub, totally different

There was a time when I was quite concerned about the fact that we don’t have a pool. That’s because so many properties here do. Certainly a good percentage of the Airbnb rentals I see have pools.

I thought that I might have to come to some sort of arrangement with a home nearby or a local hotel so that guests here could have some pool time. However, I rent to couples (no kids) and the lack of pool hasn’t ever been an issue as far as I know. We might have missed out on a few bookings because of it but we’re pretty full always so it’s never been a problem.

LOL - I love your focus - very linear and to the point! I do understand it’s public but if I can’t find a private pool at a premium with the right accomodations then I’ll will book with a public pool and the right accomodations. In the end my goal this morning when looking for a getaway was to book a place with a pool (private or public).

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I once had a friend who worked in the gym at an upmarket hotel who told me about what they would find in the hot tub/spa on a Monday morning. I have never uses a public one again.

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Good point! I just lowered my minimum number of nights to 2. I’m lowering the price a little each day and comparing to my smartbnb reports I am below average for the area.