Is my apartment too loud?

I just moved into my new place and was planning to do Airbnb. My concern is that it’s near a somewhat busy road and the front door and windows are not installed/sealed properly so a lot of noise comes through. I’m in West LA a few miles from the beach so it is in “the city” (which guests may or may not take into consideration). It’s nothing crazy loud and the neighbors/people outside are also quiet for the most part. However, I’m writing this in my car and it’s about as loud inside my (sealed) car as it is inside my apartment.
Any suggestions or do you think this place isn’t Airbnb-able?

Thank you!

How about permission from your landlord? Or are you the owner? If you own it, you can simply disclose it is close to lively city noise that might not be for all guests if they are expecting country quiet.

Hasn’t LA come down harshly on Airbnb with strict regulations?

I have permission from the landlord but it will be a good while until the windows and door are replaced.
Thank you for your help!

Our former place was next to a highway through the city center. The apartment had REALLY bad windows for such a location, and I always said it was like having no windows. There was almost no difference between having the windows open or closed: Just terrible! The first time I entered the apartment, my hubby and sister-in-law had already moved in, I was shocked and really found myself in a state of stress for several days. This was also because we almost didn’t have any furniture yet, so the echo was horrible.

We rented there because we know the owner. And it was also the place where we gave AirBnB a trial. For some of the guests the noise must also have been a shock, but most loved us so much that only 1 guest commented publicly about it. And a few in private.
For fear of getting no guests I never fully disclosed, but we did clearly mention that it was next to a big highway, so people could have drawn there conclusion. The few times people enquired about noise I did tell them the full truth, and they never booked.
So yes it can be done, but try to partially disclose the noise. Consider putting in a soft headboard that absorbs the noise around guest’s head when sleeping. A rug can also do wonders.

To be honest, it was horrible living there, but it was also a blessing in disguise, because it made us look long and hard for an apartment in a quiet street. So after a long search we found an apartment in the absolute best location: super central and super quiet. The peace and quiet still makes me happy every day :blush: .


Hi @andrewwawrzyniak

I believe that any place is Airbnb-able but some can command higher prices than others. Any listing that has a drawback, such as noise, will be fine as long as you let people know in the blurb about your rental. People will only be annoyed if you’ve misled them.

The funny thing is that often people ask if their places are going to be okay for Airbnb when really they should be thinking more about themselves and whether they can handle being a great host. I know that the Airbnb thing is that ‘anyone can be a host’ but I think that reading posts in this forum will show that not everyone is suited to the job!


Wow thank you so much. I could not have asked for a more amazing response. I’m really glad to know that there are others with a similar situation, that makes me feel much better. Again I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences.

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I have a neighbor with an occasional barking dog. I provide an inexpensive white noise machine just in case it bothers them. So far, only one person - out of 94 - has used it but many comment on how thoughtful it is to have it.

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Thank you for your insight. I was doing Airbnb at my last location and from that, I’ve become very sensitive to the needs of guests. And from this, I want to provide the best experience for my guests as possible but some things are out of my control. I will take your advice and do my part in being a great host. Thank you!

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White noise machines are a great idea. Thank you!

Get it in writing to protect yourself from getting evicted due to subletting. Subletting is an eviction worthy violation in most lease agreements so you will want an addendum clearly stating you have permission to do Air.

Your landlord may not realize the peril or serious risk this places him in. His homeowners insurance can be canceled immediately if it’s discovered. That’s just one of the risks. So I hope you really do have permission. Airbnb is really a risk only property owners should take on IMO.


You are right. I will do that. Thank you again!

Sound machines are a hit at my listing as well. Some folks just sleep better with them regardless of noise level.

I’ll bet I haven’t heard a sound machine or white noise recording, or whatever they are called, in 10-15 years. A friend had it in his guest room and I tried the different options - one was the sounds of a waterfall (or was it heavy rain?) and one was of jungle noises.

They kept me up.


Earplugs are also an idea. We used to supply them as we live in a downtown area with occasional trains, etc… No one ever used them, although a few people mentioned the thoughtfulness of having them. You can buy them in bulk from Amazon. I need to order some just in case.

If you’re allowed to have curtains, they might help, too. Setting expectations goes a long way with guests, so I’d say that is most important.