Is Kigo worth the money?

Hi guys!

Last week I attended a vacation rental trade show. The tool “Kigo” had a booth at the show and I am considering using this tool. However I find it quite expensive; they usually charge 3% but due my volume I am confident I can get it for 2%, which I still find quite expensive. In 2020 Ill bill between 600x and 700x euros, therefore their commission will come down to 13x. However since they can bill what I make and my commission is 25% I would only pay for 1/4 and my clients would pay for the remaining 3/4.

Can anyone give feedback on Kigo. I just do not know what to do…

Thanks everyone.

Never heard of it …:blush: what does it do? @bokeron

it seems it is some sort of reservation software.
No, me personally I wouldn’t buy it.

Well, it has webs, PMS and channel manager.

I’m not sure how many high volume hosts are here to answer your question. Most of us rent one property.

How is it different from other listing management software?

Hi @bokeron

It might be worth shopping about it to see what’s on offer in terms of vacation rental software. As far as I’m aware Kigo’s pricing is based upon number of units - I’m not sure how many you have? There’s plenty of vacation rental software out there and you can access some for free (depending on the number of properties you want to list).

I hope you find what you are looking for.