Is Key handover with guests a hassle?

I am researching a keyless entry solution which would allow guests to use an app on their mobile phone to open the building or door option. Has anyone considered a solution like this? Any feedback would be great, thanks alex

Hi Alex,

We too have been researching for a digital solution. The problem is that not all the guests have smartphones, so we decided to use a keybox with a combination code.

However here is an article on 5 different options for smartphone unlocking locks.

You could always use Keycafe if you don’t want to invest in keyless entry products: Proprly and Guesty also offer key exchange services.

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Not a hassle-it is a part of doing the business. We insist on meeting our guests on arrival. It makes much more welcome impression and gives us the opportunity to see who is going to stay. We have used in the past real estate lock box for departures, but changed to picking it up in person. For us is more then just 1 key most of the times. We also had somebody who just left the doors unlocked one time.

Agree with everyone above. When we were managing properties as Beyond Stays, we would always either have a keyless entry option like Nexia or those mentioned above, or a lockbox. Then, even if you decide to meet every guest, you can always have a backup should they get locked out late at night or if you have cleaners who need to come by.

However, for places with no good place for a lockbox and a shared outside door (large apartment buildings) in person drop off was necessary.

I think having a keyless entry or a lockbox is a good idea just because you never know what might arise. Emergencies do happen and perhaps as a host you won’t always be there to greet your guests or pass off the keys so these are great alternative solutions should you ever need them.

Of course nothing beats in person greetings :smile:!

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I’m usually here to greet them but if not the door to the studio is always unlocked.

In my opinion, if there’s an alternate (and equally secure) option, why not? Keyless locks are usually more trackable and manageable, too, because many have channels to your smartphone which enable entry notifications and personal codes for each guest.

For building access, you can use BuzzMeHome system ( The system allows you to program your building buzzer to accept access codes from your guests instead of calling your phone through the building intercom system. You can buy a smart lock for your apartment and now you have an automatic check in process. Go on vacation, your guests will check in themselves. No hardware needed, BuzzMeHome uses the existing intercom hardware. Have fun!

There’s already a whole thread on this:

Hi @tom2, @alexvk,

I’m delighted to anounce that KeyNest has now launched in London to solve exactly this problem!

KeyNest KeyNest is a network of cafés and shops with long opening hours where you can drop your keys for free. Your guests can pick up the keys at their leisure and will be warmly welcomed by the staff. The keys are tagged so they can be tracked online and stored in a safe behind the counter.

The best feature about KeyNest KeyNest is that it’s extremely simple to use. Just create an account, send your guest the 6-digit collection code, and drop off the key at any time. KeyNest KeyNest will even notify you when your keys are collected, so you can relax knowing your guests have safely checked-in.

We look forward to everyone’s feedback!