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Is it tacky to request a review from a past guest who may not realize he is supposed to leave one?


I would like to send him a text reminder before time runs out, but don’t know if this would be inappropriate. I am 99% sure they enjoyed their stay and would leave a good review.


yes it’s tacky don’t do it


do you currently not have any reviews?


ha. yes. I have reviews from every other guest. guess I just don’t want to see the streak broken. but I’m going with cs2015’s advice. Thanks to all.


Better no review than a bad review, I always say.


I wouldn’t. The system prompts them to say what could be improved, so even with the 99.9% guest, it could backfire… I try to only ask for this before they leave and only if they leaving “glowing,” and even those I thought were glowing have dinged me! Backhanded compliments, complaints about things that were CLEARLY disclosed or bonus factors I have that are not even advertised…even by the so called BEST guests! So it is a chance you take. I wouldn’t. I think sometimes they don’t because they didn’t really care enough about you and your place to write one, or weren’t really happy… so it could be asking for trouble. :wink:

I ask for a good review in my house notes, along with a request that they give me a chance to fix what may be bothering them and not leave it as an unpleasant surprise in a review… sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t!

I’ve gotten so I hate to see those words “XXX has left you a review on AirBnB.”

Good reviews will build up in time. :slight_smile: Call me jaded, i just hate the review process and wish hosts who have reached a certain number of reviews could just have it be “optional.”

It’s the yelp mentality, they just have to find something not perfect and complain about it! LOL. Gives them power. So keep that in mind!

But my advice? NO …don’t text and ask! It’s asking for trouble! I see this was written 10 days ago, did you text, Andrew, hear back and get a review??

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