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Is it possible to leave stars and thumb, but no written review?


Our last guests asked us, for privacy / professional reasons, to not leave him any review because the month and year would be showing up on the review. But these guests were wonderful, and I was wondering if I can leave them 5 stars and a big thumbs up, without a written review.

Is this possible? Yes or no?
If I don’t write anything, won’t anything show up on their profile or will there be a blank review with month and year on it :confounded:?

Does anyone have any knowledge about this :slightly_smiling_face:?



I believe that if you try to leave the text blank, the system won’t allow you to post the review.


Hmmmm try it and see. Strange imho to use Airbnb and want privacy so much, more to this story?


The problem of “try and see” is that the consequences are for the guest if things don’t go as hoped. They were the perfect guests and I do not want to inconvenience them.

More to the story? They gave us the explanation, and I can assure you there was nothing spectacular about it, if people ask us to be discreet, we are discreet.


Sounds like an obvious case of “Boss, I need the time off for eye surgery.” Not “can I take a vacation?”


My thoughts entirely. If they don’t want a review, asked Gutend not to leave one, simply remain discreet.


It’s a required field.

Even if you could, it would leave a time stamp and that’s exactly what your guest was trying to avoid.

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