Is it OK to say this in a review?

Hi there!

This is my first post, although I’ve been reading the forums for a while. Thanks for all the useful info we’ve gotten!

We had our first nightmare guests, and tbh, they weren’t that bad, so I consider ourselves lucky that this was the worst we’ve had to deal with so far.

But I had a question about the review I want to leave. I’ve learned from this forum that it’s best to leave emotions out and stick to facts. I’ve also learned to leave a review at the last minute, which is in 3 hours from now. So I would appreciate fast responses :slight_smile:

Here’s my review: (I’m especially wondering if it is OK to mention the feces, or will this get the review removed?)

We do not recommend Mary and her guest Alan.

They violated our house rules in the following ways:

Smoking on and in the property.

Sneaking guests in late at night past our quiet hours and then partying in the unit.

They were very difficult to clean up after. The unit was a filthy mess and we found one of our beach towels with feces all over it.

These guests are clearly much better suited for a hotel.

Thanks in advance!


@surfstudio Jordan, it seems like a fine, objective, unemotional review to me.


You could leave the word feces out and just say something like “vile brown stains/matter/residue/” I don’t care for the “better suited to hotel” for people like this because even a hotel doesn’t deserve rule breaking, inconsiderate folks.

I don’t see anything in the review that violates Airbnb’s TOS.


Here is my edit:

We do not recommend Mary and her guest Alan.
They smoked on and in the property.They brought in unregistered guests and ignored our rules regarding parties or events. The unit was a filthy mess and we found one of our beach towels with disgusting brown stains all over it.

Maybe @KenH can chime in…



PS, what are you using as your metric for the last minute to review?

It is 14 days to the minute Air sent the first notice to review your guest.


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I would take out the part about better in a hotel, not sure what that is supposed to mean, a hotel would not want those things either.


I like RiverRock’s edit for paragraph form and staying more vague on the poop. :poop:

Gross guests!


One of our luxury beach towels was used as a daiper?


No It is 14 days from the official check out time that you have on your site. So if it’s 11 AM it’s two weeks from 11 AM of the day that they were supposed to leave.

Horrible guests! Feel sorry for you but on to the next…

I’d leave the review as is. You’re perfectly objective and sticking to facts. And poop is poop soo…

If you think they’re better suited for a hotel, I’d leave that comment too.

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Yeah, I agree.

These guests deserve specific feedback of what they did wrong so other hosts don’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

“Better suited to a hotel” is a passive way of saying “don’t host them” in a review without mentioning specifics. I think it’s best used when guests don’t understand the difference between Airbnb and hotel. If they’re expecting room service, daily maid service, or need so much hand-holding that you feel like a full-time concierge “Better suited to a hotel”.

These people are better suited to a barn.


Sounds good to me…


yes, I’m using the email timestamp from the first notice. Thanks!


This in not actually true. I tested it with my last guest. I was allowed to write a review (the button was visible) until exactly 14 days to the second from the time the first email came in.


I put in a review that my nightmare guests were “better suited for a frat house” :joy:


Sounds good to me! Except I would not say they’re suitable for a hotel stay. They sould go camping instead!

Well, honestly, this only works if the email you mention is delivered at the exact moment airbnb wants it to arrive. Most of us get emails based on settings in our email apps and also based on our internet provider.

Timing things based on when you get an email appears risky.

Not in my experience I got this from @iGMS and it has always worked for me.
14 days to the minute from the first email Air sent prompting a review.



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Thanks everyone! I used the exact re-wording that you provided, it was a big improvement.

I also timed it to exactly 14 days from the timestamp on the email that Airbnb sent me. This worked to the second. Literally the second. After you leave your review, you can go to the guest’s profile page and refresh and you will see your review pop up to the very second that matches with the time that the email was sent. I am in the US, I don’t know if this holds true for everyone, but it has worked for me twice now. No guessing or wondering. If you do it by the checkout time, your guest could have up to 3 or 4 hours to respond.


I must have been channeling my inner @KenH


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