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Is it ok to cancel a guest to accept a much larger reservation?


be as upset as you like …you asked a dreadful question


Do we really need so many polls?


@beth -
I’m happy to hear you feel bad about it - that’s a good sign.

Before you get the warm rush of a full wallet from the longer booking, keep these points in mind:

  1. In some places, a guest that stays over 30 days gets tenant rights and can end up being a squatter. DON’T accept more than a 30-night stay without a true lease agreement.
  2. AirBnB has different cancellation and refund policies for bookings more than 30 days - you might not like them.
  3. What if you long-term guest is a slob or had hugely annoying personal traits? You’ll be stuck with them for a long time.

If you decide to go through with it anyway, do NOT cancel on your current guests. Find them other options in the area that are similar to yours, contact them and tell them you want to use your dwelling for a different purpose during their dates, and ask them to cancel and book somewhere else, and refund them 100% and give them a nice something for their troubles. Of course, they might refuse to cancel and then give you a bad review after their stay just because they are annoyed you tried. Or not all three will accept your offer, and then you don’t have a clean calendar.

The other option is to find the long-term guest another place to stay during the nights you already have booked.

My most important piece of advice: Since I presume you are in this for the long run, don’t get distracted by a bigger short-term gain (that may not work out ) and end up ruining what you have already.


Yes, we need even more :wink:. Polls give a very clear view of people’s opinion, a view one can never have by scrolling through endless topics and discussions. Also, lots of ‘readers’ may prefer not to enter in the discussion: It’s about given them a quick and easy way to leave an opinion, an opinion that would be lost without the poll.
For the OP it’s also useful, should she like to proceed with her plan, she can ask for advice (PM) from the people who answered ‘yes’ or ‘depends’ to the question.

People are of course totally free to not participate in the poll, as you have rightfully done yourself.

If you think we need to decide wether your or my opinion has a majority, I can also make a poll about that one :grin:.


I have recently discovered that I can scroll past topics I’m not interested in. I can also skip new posters asking what I deem to be inappropriate questions. It’s hard though, I feel compelled to answer every question and comment on every topic. It must be my teacher training. I like the polls.


I appreciate that @GutHend.

I just think sometimes when people post about a sensitive issue, they may not want a poll created from their question, so if you want to do this, perhaps ask the OP first, before creating a poll.


I don’t see why not…Beth asked whether she should or not, and the poll presents ‘yes or no’ in a nice succinct visual manner


She was asking for suggestions on what to do relating to her situation @Barns

Not for someone to make a poll out of her dilemma with yes or no answers.


She’s asking if it’s “ok to cancel a guest to accept a much larger reservation”.
I say ‘NO’, and am happy to let her know via the medium of a poll


And you also answered on the thread, so I am sure she got the message as to where you stand !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But just to clarify: it’s a no, from me :rofl:


I found the poll very helpful. I would have done it myself if I had known there was a way to do that. I wasn’t offended that someone made a poll on my post, but I guess some people might be.


That’s good to hear Beth. I just think it would be nice to ask the person who made the original post.

I mentioned it because you appeared upset by some of the earlier responses you received…

Be good to hear what you decided to do in the end?


This is from the “3 hour use of room” thread. I think something is brewing in Airbnb-land. Is this becoming more common?

@Beth I understand the appeal of the higher dollar rental. I appreciate that you asked because it seems some hosts don’t treat guests with the same respect you want to so you seem to be looking for the norm.

The following is from the Airbnb Help search for “I’m a host. What penalties apply if I need to cancel a reservation?”

Unavailable/blocked calendar. Your calendar will stay blocked and you won’t be able to accept another reservation for the same dates of the canceled reservation.

Account suspension. If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may deactivate your listing.


Well, I was looking at a difference between $4500 revenue, and $30,000.00, so it was no small thing. I waited a couple of days to see what would happen, undecided what I would do, and then started getting other booking requests, so I went for those, and kept the original bookings.

Re my reaction to the earlier responses - I like the poll because it can be read without judgement. On the other hand it gives no opinions or learning opportunities, but I really don’t like the tone that comes down the pipe when what you are looking for is information/guidance. So many assumptions made.

Thanks for checking in.


If this really is a serious question, put yourself in your guests’s shoes.


But that was not money in your pocket. If you had canceled on the 4500 to try to get the 30k then your calendar would have been blocked so you would not have been able to get them anyway. Not unless the guests canceled. Well hopefully you have figured it out by now.


this has happened to me before, i did think about canceling the one booking I had for like 1 second but decided that’s not the right thing to do, youll get bad karma!


What I can’t understand is–how could the proposed long term guest book if your calendar stated that there were already bookings that month?? Did he/she suggest that you moved the others?


yes there must have been some message enquiries

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