Is it me or the Stats page is not updating?

Hi All,

Is it me or the Stats page is not updating? Is this being seen to as from what I read here it hasnt been updated for a long time

It’s been a problem for as long as I can remember. However, it doesn’t stop the bookings from coming in so no worries. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know, just wanted to see the stats as I just listed my apartment and would help me out in pointing me in the right direction if my listing is set up properly

Actually no it won’t as a new host you get an artificial boost in traffic to your listing

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I wish that new hosts realised this. The boost can give you a few months of bookings. Once the boost wears off you’re on your own because of the newer hosts who are now getting that same advantage. It’s a good ploy for Airbnb because new hosts tend to think that they’ll get the same volume of bookings forever. It keeps the hosts keen and in the game.

After that, hosts are largely on their own and have to create their own advertising and publicity.

Airbnb likes having new hosts because a) they suggest that new hosts start with a low price and b) some guests seek out new hosts because they are gullible and inexperienced.