Is it common to make the beds?

I see what you did there, @jaquo ! :wink:


I often think my poor, dear mother would turn in her grave … she started her working life as a housemaid in a Downton Abbey type establishment, and as a single mum worked all her life to give me the opportunity to go to university and have a career. And just look at me now - exchanging ideas about how to clean bathrooms and make beds!


I think if you want good reviews I would make the bed, only takes a few minutes.People are on vacation…they dont want to work. I dont know where you are but 45 sounds really cheap no wonder its popular.

Unless otherwise specified, I would be pretty cross if I got to an AirBNB or other accommodation and had to make my own bed.



My cleaner? :joy:
I do charge a cleaning fee. About 30 dollars. A cleaner in Sweden would charge 50 dollar per hour, so no, that´s not an option.

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Where is your place in Sweden?

That´s the case! We offered the place on airbnb in feb this year. Up to this point we have had 26 bookings. Often more than 2 people. And most of them during may-august. Feb-may we had some long term guest. Also from aug-nov. Then we where two, From this summer, I´ll do this alone. And maybe I just need to say no more often, or increase the least number of nights per booking.

No it does not take 5 minutes. Maybe 7. :wink:
Jokes aside… (I don´t know how to express this in english but I hope you understand) There are two beds upon a loft. And you have to crawl up there. So making beds up there is not easy, and takes some time. Which probably is the very reason I should keep on doing it.

I´m quit surprised that the place gotten so popular. Of the 26 bookings I´ve got 23 reviews, of wich 20 all 5 star. 3 reviews gave 4 stars for location.

So I´m thinking maybe raise the price a bit, and have fewer guest. In Sweden there´s this dilemma with taxes also. There´s a limit of about 5450 dollar per year you can make without declaring it for taxes. But beyond that, it gets complicated.

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Somewhere around Örebro.


Our place is at Örebro…

Hehe, Cool! You´re not with the Skatteverket are you?? :astonished:

Checking Cederbusch taxes Well :). no we are not.

Don’t hesitate if you want to discuss in private tax issues or others.

It took me a lot a lot of time to understand how it’s work.

PS: you have a very low price specially in summer if it’s an independant accomodation

Hosts in my area who ask guests to make the beds usually get dinged in their reviews.

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What about offering a small discount if the guests wants to make the beds?

@Cederbusch - I see what you mean about the difficulty with making the beds in the loft ~ it’s very tight! The bedding does not appear to be as involved as U.S. beds which have more layers but for you, the most difficult is obviously applying the fitted bottom sheet while the mattress is on the floor (your poor back!).

Give some thought to the suggested solutions of others, like offering a small discount to guests who will make up the beds on their own; or raise your rate a bit (you are on the low end compared to others); or increase your minimum stay to reduce the turnover. Another idea is to see if there is a school-age neighbor girl or boy who is willing to make up the beds for a nominal amount ($5 ea.) for pocket money.

One of my chores growing up was ironing the pillow cases. I was terrible at remembering to do it and my poor mom had to always remind me - though I could do it in our basement (cool in the summer in NH) watching old Popeye reruns…

Sometime I catch myself ironing a pillow case and thing “gee, I didn’t get very far after all!!”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, indeed!!


That’s pretty funny! We just don’t fall very far from the trees, do we?

I noticed, when choosing our airbnbs for Norway, that it often looked like the bedding was just sitting on top of the bed…

You should see me tackling a duvet…sometimes they just won’t behave :frowning:

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I make the beds. It only takes 5 minutes and then I can inspect linens to see if there are any stains that have been missed, plus I know it’ll present well when they walk in. I think most US guests expect the bed to be made when they arrive.