Is involving the resolution center worth it for $50?

Hello Forum,
My latest guest broke the toddler bed. I thought I could fix it but can’t. Is the resolution center worth it for $50? Or should I absorb it as part of wear and tear?
Thank for your advice

You have to pay to use the resolution center?! :astonished:

edited - haha. I totally read your post wrong. I thought you would have to pay $50 to use the resolution center. I get it now! Long day of AirBnBing… lol

Why not just issue a request for money from the guests via the app? The thought of a bad review might prompt them to pay.

The Resolution centre is entirely automated, it just passes on your request to the guest and they either pay or decline (usually decline obviously!)

Airbnb is not involved in a human way unless your request is declined and you use the “involve Airbnb” button.

So go for it, you have nothing to loose, unless they haven’t reviewed you yet - a payment request is usually followed by a retaliatory bad review.

I used the Resolution Centre once for replacement cost of irreversibly damaged just-purchased bed linens. I included a screen shot of the receipt for $90.
The guests left me an all 5-star review with very positive comments about their stay.
So decent of them.
One just never knows…