Is instant book on by default when guests search?

For the past weeks my bookings have halted completely and I find this to be very strange as we are now gearing towards the summer season which is the busiest here in Malta. My place does not have instant book, can you tell me if instant book is turned on by default when guests search for properties? Maybe this works differently in different markets.

not when I am doing a research (my place is in Sweden)

Listings with Instant Book definitely are prioritised in terms of where listings show up (along with those new to Airbnb).

Have you logged out of your normal server and logged in again to see where your property shows?

Yes, sometimes is on by default. Moreover sometimes is “on” and you won’t be aware of it because when you check the filter it is indeed off but you only see IB listings in your search. When this happened to me I had to turn it on and the off again to start seeing non-IB listings too.