Is anyone requiring a Covid-19 guest self-assessment questionnaire before arrival?

I’ve been asked the same series of questions for nearly every in-person appointment since the reopening in our area. Generally it consists of some variation of the following questions:

Is anyone doing this w/ guests? I had a query last week from a party of 10 for my house w/ a limit of 6 guests. They assured me they would bring their own sleeping bags and mattresses - uh, no. They then asked if I had any Covid-19 restrictions, such as all being from the same family - they were not and were upfront about it.

This made me wonder whether I should be asking specific questions from each guest. I checked the Airbnb policy this morning and it seems they have a continuing cancellation policy for guests who are ill w/ Covid-19 and can provide documentation.

I don’t recall seeing any prior notice from Airbnb on this particular waiver.

I’ve been closed. I’m opening later this week or early next week. I’ve gotten two reservations for many weeks from now but am not holding my breath. I think it’s possible that we will have to go back to another lockdown, maybe even more drastic than the one in spring and so all bets are off on covid refunds. A wise host will plan for this eventuality.

About a questionnaire: I don’t bother. People know what it is for and will simply lie so they can have their trip

About Airbnb cancellation due to Covid19: the policy you posted mirrors the extenuating circumstances policy so not a surprise. If someone is sick and can’t travel regardless of it being Covid19 or car accident thus in hospital, if the guest provides a medical note of not being able to travel, they can get a refund regardless of the host’s refund policy.

I’m so tired of extra guests. The extra supplies, the additional utilities & cost of the wear & tear have pushed my last button. If someone is honest and says, “ your maximum is 2 guests. Is it possible for us to bring 3…”. I thank them for their honesty and explain the condo is too small or not equipped or some other real reason so 2 is the maximum.

I’m loving the talk function on my ring doorbell. I can see them check-in And help immediately if they have problems with the keybox.


Good luck with reopening @KKC. This is normally our slow time of the year, but we’re booked every weekend through mid-August in our whole house rental.

We were fortunate enough to have a 2 week booking in early March for a family undergoing an extensive home reno. Once the lock downs started, they stayed for 16 weeks.

All of our guests are traveling w/i 3 hours from our town. I’m leaving at least 3 days between rentals and requiring 7 days advance notice for bookings.

Unfortunately, many of the STRs in our area did not reopen and I agree that we need to be prepared (mentally and financially) for another round of STR restrictions.

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I’ve had 5 bogus requests and 2 reservations since I changed my settings to prepare to open up about a month ago. It will be interesting.

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I hope things go well & the Rocky first opening steps mean the worst requests are behind you.

These are strange times.

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Having a self-assessment questionnaire is a great idea! I went to the doctor’s office and they asked questions similar to the ones on your post plus they took my temperature before I could set foot in the office.

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LOL. My second reservation folks mentioned they would have a dog and how would they pay the pet fee? I said I’ll send you a special offer with the pet fee. They waited a few hours then instant booked without using the special offer. I tried to submit a change request but can’t because they only paid for half the reservation. This infuriates me since we are talking about $30 but it is what it is. I’m assuming more reservations will be canceled than honored so just trying to keep my cool. Wasted effort is always frustrating though.



@KarenWV I see the questionnaire as pointless. Anyone who is responsible won’t be travelling if they could answer yes to any of those questions and the guests who aren’t responsible and don’t care will just lie.


Yes, it’s that time of year. Seeing that little green area up in SW Colorado reminds me of summers long ago.

Me too, I have it in my description and rules not to IB and to contact me first if they are bringing a dog. My fee is $20 per night and rn I have a 2 night minimum. Those that inquire and ask I discount the fee to $30, those that IB pay the full $40

At least I get a bit of satisfaction this way!



Many people lie and they are the ones you can least trust with any of your rules. I think it’s a bit of a waste. The only people who might be very receptive might be those who see it as a positive sign that you are being extra careful.

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Its the same now as its always been. If you’re sick, you stay home. Most guests are going to have good judgement and not come if they’re sick. Unfortunately I just had one who was extremely ill and coughing up blood. There’s nothing I can do after the guests checks in and I realize they are that they are sick. I could see where the the self-assessment questionnaire could make them think twice about doing what this guest did though. I’m not sure. It hasn’t really been an issue until now.

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My listing is now offering a two-pay option. It has caused a couple of problems. I think we can opt-in/out-out. I can’t figure out how. Is there a thread about this?

I don’t know. Although I dislike it it’s not worth my time. I just take comfort in knowing Airbnb is reducing their float by having this option. :wink:


And since in the case of covid, so many don’t have symptoms that’s a nearly worthless maxim.


Good to see you’re just as disagreeable and negative as ever.

Yes. It’s a state-level lodging requirement where I am hosting. Fortunately I’m using a PMS (YourPorter) that allowed me add it as an additional yes/no question that guests get prompted for when they are filling out guest list and ETA. Been working out fine for these needs and if the state ever knocked on the door looking for proof of guests’ acceptance I’d have it right there.

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@Annet3176 I couldn’t find an option to opt out. As a guest, I recall that I’ve recently been given the option for 2 payments, which I always take. I think the 2nd payment is charged a week or two before the stay.

I’m also on VRBO which offers hosts the option of 1-3 payments. When I started 4 years ago I chose 2 payments and foolishly thought VRBO would track the payments and notify me or cancel the reservation if the 2nd payment wasn’t made. I had a very panicked guest contact me 2 days before her stay, realizing that she hadn’t made the 2nd payment and wondering if she could still come if she made the payment that day.

I switched to a single payment required upon booking. On both platforms I have the most flexible cancellation policy, so I don’t think it would affect me.

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