Is AirBnB down?

I was searching for accommodations in May and started getting error messages.

Anyone else having an issue? I’m using the app on my iPad.

This is what I see.

My listings aren’t showing up either.

Edited to add: it’s also showing that I have an unread message in my hosting inbox but all the messages I can see are ones to which I’ve already responded.

I’m baffled. In all my time on AirBnB, this has never happened.

All good here in Spain.

try either using a different device or clear the cookies and data from the app, then forcibly close it, then restart it.


Working fine in New South Wales Australia.

Working fine in Massachusetts

It’s 3 hours late but… my site is working fine.

OK here too. But like all websites, it does go down from time to time and it’s usually nothing to worry about.

It’s back to normal for me. Thanks everyone!


Mine isn’t working - wasn’t on app yesterday. Yes, never experienced this before.

Oakland, CA