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Is Airbnb blocking Halloween weekends?

Ok, pulling out the cauldron and the voodoo figurine, hot flushes with joint pain for you!
( don’t screw with a woman with Gypsy in her heritage!)


I had the same situation last year. I have 3 listings and only 1 is booked so far this year for Halloween weekend. October is my busiest month. 30 miles south of OP

Make sure you copy ALL GUEST CONTACT INFO, for all future bookings. Then, when (not if) Air cancels one due to a holiday, you can end-run them and book them direct or another site as you choose.
Currently, in our area, Halloween bookings seem to be visible using an incognito browser, at least for some places

We have been in a tug of war w Airbnb with same scenario. They arbitrarily flagged our guest from booking Oct 30-31. Through the failing booking process, Airbnb host support reps acted puzzled why the guest couldn’t book. Over 10 calls on this including tonight we were informed the guest was breaking an “ event policy”. First time we have heard this after 4 weeks of inquiries. We had scrubbed the guest and approved the stay. Airbnb BLEW it and was so bold as to close the case and hang up on us tonight after denying this was the first time we heard this. We tried to show the manager Meaghan, the chat in their own app, rep couldn’t book it but asked us to have guest call them directly and they would get it done - didn’t happen. Out 500$ for a secret policy randomly applied. Anyone?? Their algorithms got it wrong, we feel at risk this will reoccur… terrible escalation experience after 8 years of year round renting.

They started doing this in 2020, not only for holidays but even suspending hosts that had stuff like “wedding party” in their listing.
The best defense is a good offense. Right now, copy all contact info for your future bookings. Make sure that you always do this for every booking.
Air already announced they have a policy for New Years, and they can easily break what they “said they will do” and “do what they want”. If you have any 1 night bookings around Xmas to NYE - pay close attention …

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