iPhone App Errors this last week

Has anyone else had errors with the app the past week or so? I’ve had two, both different, but both happened in the first stage of the booking process.
First, I received an inquiry notification, but when I went to my inbox, the inquiry wasn’t there. Even on my computer it didn’t show up. The email did, but when I clicked the link to message back & approve, it couldn’t be found. I figured it was cancelled immediately after submission, because it never showed up, yet the inquiry expired.

The other day, I received another inquiry, and no message showed up at all. The booking inquiry was there this time, but there was no message from the guest, just the inquiry that showed up in my inbox. Today, the message she originally sent (or was dated such, anyway) showed up with the inquiry.

I’m just curious if any other iPhone users have been experiencing problems with their app in the last week or so?

I don’t have an iPhone but I had a message from March for an April booking show up last week. I answered her and said “sorry this just came though, perhaps I can serve you another time.” She didn’t reply. I’m not too concerned since I have enough bookings but if it happens often that isn’t going to be good for anyone.

Every single time I accessed the app I had to verify my account by receiving a phone call or text message! Fail!

I have actually had a ton of problems this week, both using iphone app and with the desktop. I had to call them about something else and used the time to inquire about the stickiness of the platform. They told me they were doing updates and confirmed that people were having issues. My guess is that they were patching the whole system as a response to the global hacking using NSA tools. If they didn’t do the appropriate system updates earlier this year, ABB could easily have been a victim of that.

Aha! This makes sense! Thank you so much for your input; I’ll have to contact Airbnb to see about my response rate getting changed because I couldn’t access the booking

No. Really, no. They are releasing a lot of new code as part of their usual software development cycle.

@KKC: Was that a short message? Possibly coming from a SMS, they have incredible delays.

No, it was a long message including info on their two dogs. And I have instant book and it didn’t seem to have a question. They must have been requesting a special offer with the pet fee but again I never saw the message until 7 weeks later.

The only thing I could figure was maybe I marked the day blocked without seeing the message or at the same time the message came in.

That happened to me a couple of weeks back.
After I had verified 3 or 4 times in a row, unbeknownst to me my listing was delisted by the system, with no warning to me!
Thankfully I do searches pretty regularly and realized even putting in my listing ID led to a message that my listing was no longer listed!
Shock horror.
I called Air in a panic, and they were able to reactivate my listing. Said it was a security feature after my repeated verifications (yet eh verifications were being promoted by their own system)!
However, on reactivating it, it’s as if the algorithm had lost all my in built hard work in placement and I once again dropped to the bottom of the bottom of the pile.
Yes it’s been a stressful month with Airbnb for us.
Crisis after crisis!

Same thing happened to me. Ugh, what a PITA.