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IPads, tablets, and laptops for guest use. Do you offer them?

I was thinking of offering an iPad for guest use in one of my listings that is an entire place. Guests tell me in reviews that they really appreciate the small things we do in the listing and I was thinking this might offer more convnience to my guests. What do you guys think ? Do you offer anything like this to your guests and do they appreciate them ?

The only time I offered use of my devices was when I had guests from Paris staying at the same time of the terrorist attack in Paris. I don’t have TV and it allowed them to navigate news and communicate with their families more effectively than with their phones.
I have considered a tablet for guest use only (I don’t like peeps using my devices) as I notice fewer people arriving with their own devices other than their phones.
I think it’s a great idea actually. But I’d also put some parental controls on it.

We have a Android Tablet/Computer thing that looks similar to an , as in someone can’t just walk out with it because it’s pretty big, it was great until a guest broke it. Now it just sits on the desk as a giant paperweight. :joy:

I would say it depends on 1) How many guests you have a time in your space 2) Your ability to ‘let it go’ if the thing breaks and you can’t pin it on a certain guest 3) If you want to deal with calls about it not working/how do I do XYZ

I find that most guests have their phones which covers everything.

Accessing Airbnb requires a minimum of technical expertise. I assume people can bring their own gear which is typically a smartphone. iPhone or Android, and occasionally Windows phone. If you have a TV, with an HDMI port available, consider mentioning it in the listing. They can bring their own cable. You don’t want to get involved with that. That way the TV can be used as a giant monitor. Desktop computers for consumers are on the way out.


True. I remember at one time when I used to travel I’d take the laptop and all its accessories, books, my big planner/diary thing, cellphone — all in a huge bag. Now I travel with just the phone.

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@hudson, the HDMI cable is a great idea! Thanks!

I still bring my laptop when I travel. My iPhone, modern as it is, does not always have the ability to do some things I need t do online. Smart phone platforms are still too limited for me.

I find that with the right apps I can do everything I need to - including working on websites. But my old eyes don’t appreciate the tiny keyboard :slight_smile:

I think tablets are like toothbrushes :kissing:, it’s a personal item.

From what I’ve seen, all my guests travel with their own devices. I host families and almost all the children have a tablet in their hands when they get off the taxi in front of my building.


I would say definitely No. A. It will get broken and eventually stolen b. Ppl have their own devices c. You will get endless contacts about operating it d. What are you going to do when ppl download their kiddy porn on your device, in your name, at your IP address?

Sadly this does happen.

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Not to mention trying to keep them clean… People use them on the toilet, while eating, etc.

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Yuck! Gross but true :slight_smile:

I agree on many of the above comments! Breakage, germs, theft and spam could be a problem. I installed an outlet with USB ports and 4 outlets (very inexpensive from Home Depot) in a nice little desk area with a lamp, and a couple of extra chargers left by guests. They appreciate it. And jaquao and felixcat are right!! I dated a guy who played candycrush on the toilet. Never went out with him again!

I have a separate backyard studio with an iMac and guests are welcome to log on a a guest - no password required - to use the computer. I don’t offer mobile devices.

Hey everyone!

You might be interested in taking one of our devices - find out more here.

Our tablet is built for Airbnb, and guests can view the following:

  • Property guides to your home - video and text guides to the things around your home.
  • Local area information - your guests can browse our curated guides to your local area, and you can add the places that you want to recommend.
  • On-demand services - tickets to local events, takeaway deliveries, a babysitting service and even booking taxis / airport transfers … your guests can take advantage of a host of on-demand services. It’s like room service for Airbnb.
  • We will replace it if it gets lost or damaged - no need to worry about the upfront cost of replacing an expensive tablet device.

We offer this on a monthly subscription; 1 month, 6 months or 12 months - all at very competitive prices.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Is this aavailable in the USA

I have a front/room office that is open for my guests to use. I offer my computer (with a guest account log in and no password). I have only had one German couple use for a flight check-in, as they did not have a laptop or smartphone with them.

I’ve been looking at doing something like this as I think it’s something that guests might find easier than a printed guidebook, especially with links to taxi services etc. I’ve looked at your offering (though I shudder every time I see the puctuation of You’re Welcome!) but it seems to only be available in and for the UK - is that right?

If that’s not so and it was available for, say, Spain, what would be the advantages of renting your tablet over setting up my own, given that 7-inch tablets are as cheap as chips these days?

I bought cheap tablet that I use also with my chromecast for guests to watch the TV.

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