iPad app incomplete just cost me $$$


We just had a guest setting up via message to stay for 6 days.
The day before his arrival…after we had moved our stuff out and worse still put off a builder doing a bathroom conversion for ten days…when he went to book he said the price had risen from about 150 GBP to 190GBP.
He said he had found an alternative a hotel for 142GBP and could we drop the price.
I figured he was trying it on and wa pretty annoyed at this last minute. I asked him to copy and send the billing request.
He then said he had found the problem.
He said the room fee was $240 for six days ($40 per day as advertised) but the weekly rate was cheaper at $200
When I looked on my laptop it indeed had the three rates …$40 per day, $200 per week, $700 per month.
But I had kinda forgotten the price detail and had started using the iPad app.

But the iPad app only had two prices , the day rate and the monthly rate.
I’m guessing that the guest was on a phone or tablet app too and this was obviously why he didn’t immediately see the weekly rate and simply book a week which anyone sane would do and save $40.

What this meant was the guest had already booked the hotel simply and purely because of an Airbnb fault…after all pricing is all important an SURELY should be fully described…we have lost $200.

Does airbnb read this?
What action is appropriate?


Well thanks Billly Bob but I don’t like messing people around when a date’s fixed.

but seems to me there’s a fault in the Airbnb app when it doesn’t reflect the prices FULLY.
Apart from the fact I lost $200 and had a load of hassle doesn’t the app need adapting so this doesn’t happen regularly?
I have looked again and whilst I can edit the description in the app I can’t see anywhere to do anything about prices.
(Am I being stupid?..don’t think so)
They were in fact automatically inserted when I loaded the app.

It means any potential guest does not know their range or options price wise.