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Inviting discussion on this article

How hard would it be to request a guest to provide proof of traveler’s insurance?

It looks like an insurance industry blog? I didn’t take the time to read but I do sense a bit of bias just from the URL?

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Haven’t read the article as I’m waiting a doc (so not much help) but in response to your question about checking a guests travel insurance that would be easy. I never leave home without it, always carry a certificate of insurance with me on trip- they email it in PDF every time I book. The travel insurance I also get for free from my credit card can be downloaded off their website also. If I wanted I could ask guests for proof they have it but I’d just claim through air so it’s probably their problem. If someone steals, and I catch them (I’ve missed a couple!) straight to the cops without any hesitation. In which case then I have to wait for restitution through the courts or get property back from police.

Of course the insurance industry wants everyone to buy insurance for everything. I couldn’t read the whole article without signing up something, so I just clicked out of it straightaway. I have a room in my home, I have a Ring doorbell camera that they have to walk past getting into their room. I can and do lock the door into my home. They only thing that’s been taken was an old pillow. So for me, I don’t think I need additional insurance. If I had a whole house rental where they could easily flood it or start a fire I’d definitely have more insurance.

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