Investment financing-HOA record keeping

I’m not a tax expert. I’m relaying what happened to a hopefully soon to be new host.
Soon to be host was purchasing golf course condo. Intending personal use 6-9 months, short term rentals 12-24 weeks.

HOA could not provide lender with neighborhood breakdown

owner resident
Owner 2nd home

Since # 2nd home not available, lender assumed all were rentals if not owner occupied, then must be rental. Thus Required financing to be investment property unit second home

When potential new owner first disclosed rental & personal residency plan it was to be 2nd home.

Investment loans are higher interest rate.

Just a warning for anyone considering a purchase

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Speaking of property tax designations at golf courses, maybe they could try this loophole:

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Yeah, it’s the reason why I did a refi on my primary residence to buy the 2nd home (which became my listing 6 years later). I originally bought it for my in-laws to live in for up to 6 months/year. We had no plans to rent at that time, but since it wasn’t owner-occupied more than 6 months/year, the lender considered it an investment property. The refi on my primary residence was a full 1% lower.

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