International Wire Transfer

“You do not have permission to complete this action.” Have anyone ever got this message while trying to enter their International Wire Transfer details please and how you solved it? Thanks in advance

@suollevram, have you contacted Airbnb about this? Multiple reasons why this can occur.

NO, NO,NO - all payments must be done via Airbnb. Never take payment off of platform. It could be a scam.

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I believe @suollevram is trying to put in the details for host payout on the Airbnb platform.

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@bigappledude That is correct, I am the host trying to put my details in and that is the message I am receiving.

What did Airbnb say?

I haven’t contacted them as yet. I was looking in the community to see if someone prior to me had that issue. Do you suggest phone call or email please?

Definitely a call rather than email. Any problems with that and you can contact them on Twitter.

Can you use pay pal instead?

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Phone call. Never email; they prefer to ignore your issues. Twitter is a premium resort

Ok so after contacting both Airbnb and Worldpay, I was told I need a merchant number, and in the absence of that, I cannot use this option as a payout method. Then why give it as an option then?

Because they expect you to obtain a merchant number?

As you don’t have one already, why not get one???

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