Interested in AirBnB Houston - Tips and Strategies PLEASE!

Hey Everyone,

I am very interested in purchasing a property as an investment to use for AirBnB in Houston. I currently live in Midtown and have realized that this would be an excellent location for AirBNB. Unfortunately, my condo is locked down like Fort Knox and would be impossible to use with AirBnB.
I am balancing my options currently and deciding what to do. I would like to stay in the Midtown or Downtown area if I get a condo. Are the HOA rules and regulations too strict to do an AirBnB in a condo? Does anyone know of particular condos that allow AirBnB in Houston?
If I decide on a house instead, is the upkeep an maintenance difficult? What residential areas in Houston are best to AirBnB from?

Thank you in advance! Any suggestions help!

It’s very difficult to answer these investor questions. For one thing, most of us here, with a few exceptions, live on site. A few don’t, but those few started out by being on site hosts before moving on to remote management. It’s hard enough to do when you are right on site!!!

I don’t think people looking to invest or get in on the supposed big bucks happening realize the amount of work, commitment and yes, hassles, involved in doing this.

You need to be legal in your jurisdiction.
You may need to collect tax, which requires a license.
You need to find insurance that covers you. Most homeowners doesn’t.
You have to find a very very very reliable and trustworthy cleaning crew to do the turnovers.
You need to have a handyman nearby in case something goes wrong.
You need to manage guest expectations, reviews and complaints.
Oh and last but not least… you should make enough moolah so that it’s all worth it in the end.

Have I discouraged you yet?? :rofl::rofl:


Another brand new member with the same complicated questions! This is better addressed to a local real estate person. Your answers, kona, were very accurate even if discouraging. And as we have posted on many threads here on similar subjects @RoyalSchiro should read through past posts.
Most condos and HOA’s are going in the direction of banning any STR’s not just Airbnb. You have to check into each specific association.


Not at all. My brother does it in San Antonio and makes $2,500 more than his mortgage. If all else fails, I will get a place where he is, but I’d really like to explore my options in Houston. I suppose I will do more research on local condos and speak to real estate agents. Thank you for your information.

Well if you have a brother who’s making truckloads of easy money, ask him, not us!
What do we know???


I live in Montrose. Next door is 1 ABB apt in a 4 plex owned by my neighbor 2 doors down. Next street is 3 separate ABB’s (garage apartments). Word is that the 6 plex being renovated at the end of the street is going to be completely or partially ABB. All current ABB’s getting high utilization because the area is trendy and not serviced well by hotels, but it seems to risk saturation and there’s a high cost to entry.

Look around though. I know someone who had a midtown condo that he airbnb’d until he found a new tenant. They are everywhere in central Houston. That’s the thing - it’s not obvious!! I’d say 85-100 / night for whole place.

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