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Greetings from Brandscapes Worldwide!

Brandscapes Worldwide is a global marketing strategy consulting company that is focused on delivering profitable growth for brands and companies we work with. Winning Insights™ is at the heart of each of our five professional practices: Global MR, Marketing Science, Data Mining, Marketing Dashboards and Strategy Maps.

Globally Brandscapes leverages the domain expertise of our consultants and analysts across four sectors: Consumer Goods & Services, Retail & Shopper, Banking & Finance and Healthcare. We also do primary research for our clients across the globe with help of our field partners.

We are currently conducting some research to understand the pain points in the hospitality industry better, with a view to improving the basic standards and looking at how the industry as a whole can benefit.

This research is currently limited to Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, and will be increasing the scope to other countries worldwide, based on inputs we receive from the current markets.

Needless to say, all those who participate will be incentivized, and their identities kept anonymous. Please comment / connect so we can reach out to you.

Dear Administrator, I hope we are not breaking any forum rules by posting this. Great if we can connect, I am reachable at my email (as above) as well as my hand phone +91 9819262025 (based in India)

Thank you,
Biju Thomas.


Of course you are breaking rules, this is a discussion forum, not a marketplace. Why didn’t you run it by someone in a private message rather than just spraying your post over our site?


Jess, whilst I agree with the point you are making here, and with some of your other posts, there is simply no need to be so rudely hostile. This is not something I have just noticed; to quote yourself, you frequently spray other posters with your self righteous bullying. It is just so unnecessary and unpleasant.



I apologise for my fellow host’s rudeness. Whilst she is quite right that this forum is not a market place, you could have learned this in a more mannered fashion.


I am sorry you feel that way, and find it necessary to call me out in front of this marketeer who has intruded on the site. My post is hardly rude considering. In my extensive experience with spammers, junk mailers and other aggressive self promoters, they already know their actions are unwelcome or even illegal (against Information Commissioner rules, manipulating the vulnerable elderly etc.) yet still pollute the internet and telephones with their unpleasant intrusions. They do not usually respond to niceties, and even when told just carry on regardless.


Hello Joan, Jess,

Apologies we have broken the rules. To put things into perspective, the idea we proposed was not of any commercial nature, and neither was it promoting / redirecting anything or anyone. We are into market research and we were looking to reach out to do short interviews with AirBnb hosts, to understand them better and to try and make the experience better, if we could in any way.

We are not spammers, junk mailers, or aggressive self promoters. Prior to posting this here, we tried all means possible to see if we could reach out to an administrator / moderator who we could run this through with.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. That was not the idea entirely.

Thank you.
Biju Thomas


So in the absence of finding the private message route for a moderator why not just post asking what you should do, rather than jumping in with the long promotional patter and link?


The endeavor was to reach out to hosts who were open to a short interview. The norm would be to work with a brief introduction and then outline what we are looking at. I think that is exactly what we have done - at no point meaning to break rules or spam.

You can visit our site and be assured that we are a professional market research company - with offices across the world.

So “promotional patter” may not really be the right word here - basic professional courtesies were in order I would believe.
Thank you.


This forum is dedicated to connecting hosts with other hosts.

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