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Insurance purchasing additional for home



Does anyone know of a good insurance company to purchase an additional 1,000,000 liability some cities are requiring the homeowners to have in place to operate and airbnb like New Orleans for example is 5,000,000 I’m brand new and wanted to start doing my research beforehand…


I would contact an insurance broker and ask them about specialist insurance for STRs in your area.

Or if you use Google, details should come up.


Contact an insurance BROKER, not an insurance Agent…


Find out from other hosts in the area who they use?


The Cottage Blogger, Heather Bayer, held a Live Video Chat via Vacation Rental Formula Facebook group last weekend at the 2018 CottageLife Show - the topic was Insurance for your Short-term/Vacation rental. If you search Facebook you should be able to find the recording of her interview with R.Robertson Insurance.

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