Insurance problems

Well…I see you are doing some research. Keep going, you’re not finished yet.

There’s no need to be snarky. @konacoconutz is correct; much of the content on Huffington Post is not paid for. Here is an explanation.

As a matter of fact, Huffington Post is routinely criticized by scientists for publishing content that is supportive of unproven alternative medicine. The Huffington Post is really one giant opinion page.


This isn’t about Huffington Post. It’s about the content of a piece written by Robert Harrow on Airbnb insurance. You’ve got @GlobeTrotter making the accusation that this is somehow lacking in journalistic integrity without substantiating that claim. Furthermore @GlobeTrotter accuses Robert Harrow of knowing less about insurance than we do. This is supported by @konacoconutz whose only offer of support is that Huffington Post does not pay writers.

Robert Harrow works for as an analyst of various financial consumer products. He’s well educated it seems. I would say he’s qualified to write this article.

I can find nothing wrong with either the content of this article or it’s author. Flippant rejections are not welcome in a forum. We deserve a higher level of discretion. Otherwise Airbnb hosts open themselves up to accusations of prejudice and discrimination. There’s enough of that already.

Who decided that you get to tell us what is and isn’t welcome on this forum?

I find several places in the article that are so vague as to give an incorrect impression.


This is CLEARLY a PR piece, written by someone with an interest in promoting something. Even if it is just himself and his reputation.

If my son used this source in his university senior thesis, his professors would have rejected it. Laughed first, and then rejected it.

Post something authoritative or nothing at all.

I see nothing flippant about my response, but I see plenty of combativeness in your comments. Not just on this thread but all over, wherever you have posted.

What’s the point of coming to a forum to be combative? I’ve never understood that.


And what exactly new information does this article share? I don’t see anything new at all.

And what does this mean?? You are accusing me of prejudice and discrimination because I stated Huffington Post is not a great source of authoritative information? Give me a break.

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I agree HuffPo is a joke, but I do know about Insurance, what I did in my previous life, I see that the Liability Insurance provide by AirBnB is limited and certainly not a replacement for your own cover and the Host Guarantee has been shown to be of limited value.


Please can you explain what STR stands for? Appreciating all these
comments but still think I’m going to have to stop doing airbnb and very
very sad about it.

STR= Short Term Rentals.

My landlord’s concern is primarily with his buildings insurance eg risk of
fire started by someone other than his tenant. ‘Subletting’ invalidates
that buildings insurance. I don’t think he’s that concerned about the
business side of things. I am self employed, so technically I am already
running a business from home, albeit only the admin rather than having
people come to the house.

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Thank you to those who have brought this subject back to the facts and a special thank to @GlobeTrotter for getting this going again. I appreciate it. It would seem to me that the purpose of participating in a forum is to contribute to and build upon a body of knowledge that is helpful to any who may search this forum looking for answers.

That makes sense now @jenlarner and I understand their concerns. It would indeed be terrible for the landlord should something like a fire occur and they weren’t covered. I do hope you find something that works for you.

This may not be a good idea. We’ve had hosts report to this forum that they were dropped like a rock for even ASKING. When I asked USAA about it, they practically hung up on me, and they are not even my carrier.

I don’t think either of Air’s offerings intended to be a replacement for STR insurance. You have to find a specialty product. We have heard good things about Proper, CBIZ and Farmers. Comet does not even return your calls.

Thanks to the insurance nerds who have answered here and cleared things up. I trust you over some random HuffPo article. :rofl:

Since you’re uk based you can contact Aviva. They insure me for Airbnb activity and include personal injury up to 15million if a guest is injured at the property.

Separate from this is your landlords insurance which will conver things like the building. You’re not going to find a product that will cover what your landlord might be losing as he’s the home owner not you.


I’m very curious to hear from anyone who has successfully put in a claim on the million dollar Air liability policy and what trouble, if any, did they run into?

The Host Guarantee is aptly misnamed because it does not really guarantee much! It’s more like going to see Judge Judy. :rofl: Better have your documents all lined up, and the person with the best case wins.

@jenlarner. If I were you, I would research what a short term rental insurance plan would cost for your specific property, with a written quote. Then ask your landlord to show you his invoice for the home’s current insurance. Offer to pay the difference so that the landlord can purchase a plan that allows you to continue using AirBNB or any other short term rental platform.

If I were that landlord, I would want the payment for the more costly insurance in advance, at whatever interval is required by the insurance plan.

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Definitely get it in writing so that you can’t be booted for subletting.
Thinking by the time you bought the policy and all that it may not be that big of a return.

I just got liability insurance with Proper Ins. which is underwritten by Lords of London and canceled my homeowners with State Farm because they wouldn’t cover us.

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Thank you. I think I just have to accept I can no longer do airbnb :disappointed: