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Insurance Fro Extra Guests?


I got a request to do a wedding at our home. We agreed on everything BUT the number of people that will stay the night.

Our house can do 6. She has 15 but she offered to have the remaining 9 camping outside the house (it has a large fence area where you can easily do so).

I don’t mind to do it BUT, as far as insurance goes we’re not covered from Airbnb - only the 6 in the house. Are you familiar with any insurance that could provide such coverage for 1 night?


You still think Airbnb will help you if there is a problem?


Why won’t they? Everything goes through them. I’m not trying to cheat them in any way.


So many people have posted here that Airbnb didn’t back them up or did so at a fraction of what was requested. So relying on them seems precarious. How about if you called Airbnb and asked if you can set the guest number at 15 just for this stay since you are willing to rely on them? Or change it to 15, the guest books and then change it back to 6. I just don’t trust Airbnb.


I called but I think the guy was new and said someone will call me back which equals to I need to call them again. The wedding 50 people, overnight stay is 15 - makes it a bit more complicated.

I did talk to the event insurance company I worked before and they said they can cover it. However, I want Airbnb as well to be on the safe side.


They’re going to rent 2 porta-potties for all those people, right? Not gonna have that horde traipsing through the house at 2 AM trying to find the toilet, are you??

This sounds like a BAD IDEA from the start – a wedding at your house, 15 camping overnight in the yard (are they bringing sleeping bags and tents or are they going to rent them from someplace). What about food storage, medicines, tables, seating, etc.


Just keep in mind that all the men just piss outside. They LOVE it.


We always rent 2 porta-potties (and they pay for it). We did a few wedding before with over 100 people and never had an issue so far (knock on wood).

It’s not a small yard. It’s over 2.5 acres. They are only staying for 1 night.

The only issue I’m having is the insurance at this point.


Have you contacted your insurance company? I presume they are against the idea and won’t increase their coverage? If they had done, then you wouldn’t be posting here, right?

If your own STR insurance won’t cover you then it’s unlikely that anyone else would.


I don’t know about the US but we can get specific insurance cover for weddings in the UK, with a menu of choices on coverage, from rain-stopped-play (Pluvius) to caterers going out of business etc. We had such for our own wedding, including covering people camping in a nearby field. If you can find such policies in the US, I would ask the guest/booker to both provide cover, and to copy this to you prior to booking.


I did. They don’t provide such service.


Try a search for Pluvius cover. But I think the Wedding party/person/planner should take responsibility for the campers.


Thank you.

I talked to another insurance agent that says the same. He has a special event insurance she could do in order to insure the campers.


It sort of says it all that your own STR insurance won’t cover the event, doesn’t it?


What he needs is event insurance. My auto insurance covers me unless I decide to do stock car racing with it.


Looks like a third side insurance company will do.


That’s good then isn’t it?


I will know all the details tomorrow. Hopefully.

Still, I’d like to be able to have AB insured it as well.


It’s really doubtful that it will be insured by Airbnb. I really think that you’re on your own with this. If your insurance company can’t help then the guest will have to see to their own insurance and you should require a copy for your records. Sorry, but it’s still seeming like a bit of a nightmare to me when you could be having ‘normal’ guests.


I’ve done this a few times and we got a system down to how we work these type of events so I’m not worried about that part. We had 100+ people and it was fine. People were more respectful than I thought they would. Needless to say that 2 days pay like a whole month.

The only missing link is the insurance for this type of query (camping people) w. AB. Once I’ll figure it out and I’ll let you guys know.

Thank you!

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