Insurance Experiences Wanted

Anyone have negative/positive experience with their insurance company when notifying them of intended Airbnb activity? Cancellations or non-renewals?

Any claims experiences, paid or denied?

When we started, a couple years back, my partner called her insurance company and asked about getting a rider to cover STR in the detached cabana where we were setting up our listing. The company immediately told us they would not renew her policy (which was due for renewal in less than 30 days). So there we were – no insurance.

It’s bad enough in Florida where the vast majority of the insurance companies won’t even offer insurance here because of the possibility of hurricane damage claims. Now this.

Proper Insurance (the one many Airbnb folks use) said they would cover us for $1500. But their quote did not cover “wind damage”. Oh? You wanted “wind damage” too? That’s $5000 extra!!!

We did (finally) find a company that charged $5500 for a year (up from the ordinary $1200 she had been paying). But this year, in the wake of Hurricane Irma, they arbitrarily raised the rate to $7800, even though we had no damage, made not claim.

This afternoon I submitted a proposal to CBIZ, we’ll see what they have to say.

I have Farmers on my home and when we started Airbnb, I called my agent. My guest house had been covered on my regular homeowners policy. Now it is still covered on my homeowners, and it is covered on a separate policy for the rental. The extra policy was only $52/month. I thought that seemed like a good price after reading what some others were paying.

Where are you operating from/living/based?