Instant booking works better for me?

Hi guys i have been hosting for around 6 months now in Australia.

I understand that many hosts dont like using IB. While for me, its been so different. I turned IB on very early and so many people (50/51 so far) have booked my place with IB and all the guests I have had are very nice.

Its those people that send booking requests that annoy me. What normally happens to me is: they send me a long genuine message most of the time with many questions, so i reply fast as i can (mostly straight away) and answer all the questions. Result is either 1: no reply at all (90% of the time) or 2: a reply saying they have found somewhere else.

Only ONE group actually booked after the request!!! Does the same thing happen to you guys too? Or am i the only one having this weird experience… :frowning: help!!!

We use Instant Book and we’re very happy with not having to wake up in the middle of the night to answer questions. For us; usually people who ask a lot of questions do book with us. The people who never seem to book are the ones who inquire about long term stays and say that they want to see the place first. We tell them that it’s fine for them to come over and take a look; then we never hear from them again. Now that Airbnb pays the Transient Occupancy Tax we don’t offer a discount for long term stays which is probably why we don’t get many.