Instant booking with no guest profile picture

I have instant booking as i’m only a few months into hosting. I am still trying get bookings. However, one instant book guest had no profile picture or reviews. Signed up in March 2018. I politely asked him for a profile picture, with no answer yet. I may have to cancel him if I don’t see one soon as it makes me feel not at ease. Does cancelling due to this affect a host’s chances of superhost?

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I don’t know but I’ve been on IB for 3 years and don’t even notice whether guests put up a photo or not, most do, some don’t. Never had a problem. Maybe I am just lucky. I think you can specify whether they need a photo or not. I’m more concerned if someone puts up a loved up photo in their wedding gear. Get a room. Oh wait. :japanese_goblin:


If a guest doesn’t respond to requests for information, which might include asking for purpose of visit etc you can cancel penalty free due to not feeling comfortable. I would contact Airbnb.

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Never cancel a reservation without discussing with Airbnb. You are allowed to as discussed above but since you are new, make sure you understand what you are doing.

I have it in my house rules that their profile picture must match the govt. photo ids (also in house rules) that is required to be sent to me within 3 days after booking. I have found that by having these two rules, I know all guests that are going to be in my suite and discover third party bookings.


Thank for your information. That’s a great idea. Do you have instant booking? .

I messaged the person back as I did not hear from him yesterday regarding it. i will give him until later this afternoon and then will contact airbnb to try to cancel it if he does not respond. Hope it was not a case that he did not have time to check or access to internet. However, this will be at least 24 hrs waiting. Thanks so much.

I know…you never know. It maybe a case that someone just never thought of it but I messaged him politely of my personal preference. If I don’t hear back after giving him the time to respond to a reasonable request, then I will consider it as a potential red flag. Thanks for your information.

Yes, I have instant book and I don’t require ids or reviews. I have found that very few guests complain and if they do, it’s usually after the 48 for free cancellation. (I have strict cancellation.) FYI - I prefer instant book and honestly haven’t had many problems with my guests but I have a suite on the entire second floor (with a locked door) and separate entrance but the guest know that I am below. Also, I only accept 3 people because it seems to cut down on partying.

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Thanks Lynick for the information