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Instant Booking Search Glitch?

When I search my listing via Google Chrome Incognito, my listing doesn’t have instant booking and just says, “Request to Book”. However, when I look at my listing on my page as a preview, IB is there. Anyone else have this issue?

I don’t believe you can book IB when you are incognito. Only those who have accounts and have been verified can use IB.

Ok – that makes sense. thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

You must check your IB settings.
You can opt to have IB only for those guests with positive reviews, or to everyone. If you chose the first option then a regular search on a browser with an incognito session will not show your place as IB.

It doesn’t matter if the guest has made an account neither if he is already verified. Everyone should be able to see your listings marked as IB if you have chosen “IB for Everyone”. What is true is that the potential guest must complete his profile (photo, description, etc) if he wants to IB you. Verification isn’t mandatory still for guests to make an IB except if you require guests to verify (there is an option for that) or if Airbnb requires it, This is a completely randon process as Airbnb sometimes decides that the guest must verify and other don’t, but the goal of the company is that in the future everyone will need to have a verified profile to make a reservation.

Thank you! Looks like I have had more viewings, according to my stats, but that could have been you guys :slight_smile:

When I search you came up first (Boulder, 4 people, mid Dec, whole house) and the IB icon was there. Argh, but I have you bookmarked, never mind

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