Instant Booking question - recommended by other hosts

My Instant-Book settings require guests have recommendations from other hosts.

A guest was able to Instant Book with no reviews of her own, just a booking where she was an additional guest.

So she wasn’t responsible for booking, communicating, reading house rules (or enforcing them in her group), or following check-out instructions. She didn’t earn this review, the person who booked the trip did. She could’ve loaded up on horse tranquilizers and spent the vacay drooling in the corner for all I know. How is this supposed to assure me she’ll be a good guest?

No reviews:no_review2

Not her review…

Well at least that’s a quiet guest. Maybe provide a bib and go for it :rofl:

Truly, the only guests I’ve ever had that aren’t my perfect guests have all previous positive reviews. I don’t put much weight into the previous positive reviews as they seem to be a distraction from the dealing with the guest and will trick you into thinking they are just fine because of the positive reviews. I took that requirement off my IB because it just didn’t seem to help, only trick me into being confident when I shouldn’t be.

You could just ask her for more information. Something like, “My previous travelers did not hesitate to give more details about themselves and the reason for their stay. And I have to admit I like it a lot because it reassures me.” Maybe in the conversation, you might become more comfortable.

Also, you could call it in and see if they’d let you out of it but it doesn’t seem worth wasting a cancellation or losing a booking to me personally.

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Not an answer to your question but…I don’t require reviews and have had excellent luck with first timers. You are such an excellent host I think you’d be fine. And if they did need. Bit of guidance you would be an excellent coach. But if you have all the bookings you want then there isn’t much advantage to have that setting.


Hard to cause any damage in that state. I am not sure why you do not want to host her? No reviews are not bad reviews, what is it that worries you?



I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure that she was even part of the group that stayed at the listing. All you know is the guest that booked added her to the reservation.


Sorry, guys. I didn’t really state a question or ask…

I’m A-Okay with this guest in particular, but I’m unhappy with the Airbnb coding. It’s misleading.

This guest isn’t recommended by other hosts, plain and simple.

It’s kind of like someone applying for credit using someone else’s credit score. SHE hasn’t proven her ability to manage credit wisely, but I’m supposed to assume she’s good because she associates with someone with a good score?


We welcome newbies in our homestay suite as well as our guest cottage—and promise them their first 5 star experience. No issues in 2 years and 300+ guests. BUT we’re on-site in a small mountain tourist town that caters to regional guests on a weekend getaway—not parties. Best of luck!

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