Instant booking, I need guest to cancel or i get punished by Airbnb

Got a Instant booking and the guest did not read the house rules before booking.
Due to high crime in our area and that our road do not exist on map we close our gate 10 pm and open in the morning 6am. We pick our guest up in the airport and drive them back for free.

This guest will arrive later than 10 pm in the airport and leave earlier than 6 am. my problem is that i have 2 other jobs and do not have time outside this schedule.

How can i cancel without loosing my superhost status and be punished in other ways?

By the way this is in Philippines :slight_smile:

The new Airbnb rules state the guest needs to agree to the rules on Instant Book otherwise the host can cancel without penalty. Just contact the host and the guest and let them know.

Having said that, I’ve just received an instant booking from a guest called “New User” so doesn’t give me a lot of confidence about the new rules.

Good luck

Hi Jayjay,

I’m from the Philippines also and I noticed no one reads the rules or ignores them completely! Just let the guest know the situation why you have those rules and there is no way around it. Either come early or wait at the gate until morning… haha… I’m sure they will cancel on their own.

It’s the guests fault. Do not feel bad. Tell the guest they are welcome to cancel under their cancellation policy. Do not cancel on your own as it will appear that you are an untrustworthy host. Sorry, but people these days who cannot read policies before entering their credit card are to blame. They are so used to sites that offer free cancellation. But what’s the point of a free cancellation?

This guest could have asked you questions before booking. They chose not to ask those questions. They will learn a hard lesson.

I agree, do not cancel them. I would politely request they contact AirBnB directly to explain their side of the story and see if there is a resolution. Make them work for their refund, and if they can’t be bothered to do that, then whatever. One way round this I’ve found you can do without looking unsympathetic is to say - “I;m so sorry for your predicament, I would be happy for you to re-arrange your booking to another spare date in my calander” They won’t take it up of course, but you come off looking better. Definitely don’t jump through hoops to cancel your end for them! Their mistake, their headache!

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Is there no one you can pay to meet and greet? There are lots of services like this in the UK and US (Guesty, Hostmaker etc). I’m sure you could arrange a one-off price for a concierge - it might cost you money, but your reputation is probably worth more in the long run. :sunny:

Hello from the UK!

There is a new provision for canceling with instant booking – hosts who use instant book can cancel without penalty, 3 times a year. You can do this automatically, online.

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If you cannot accommodate the guests schedule, then I would write them a note and tell them. If it were me I would also offer a refund for any fees (I use strict policy). This way, they can contact airbnb to process the change…the support rep will see your note.


It’s not that he could not meet and greet, he can’t accept anyone out of the time frame, period.

Thanks Wilburforce, good to know.
When i was checking my option for canceling there was no option for guest break rules etc. Just a lot of scaring consequences from Airbnb if i do cancel.
Good luck with your New User :slight_smile:

Hi wing, I had a french guy who felt insulted saying>
As you “shedule jail” are too strict ( 11 pm until 6 am)
I will find another room
How do your costumers when they go diner in town ?
They back at 11 pm like hens?
Thank you so much

Anyway he got the message before he booked so hopefully he did find a place that was suited for his needs.
They do ask if its strict the rules, maybe i should put a matress outside my gate hehehehe :slight_smile:
I know we are in the service business so we have to be the nice part :smile:

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Thanks Cabinhost, in the end i sent private email, text and several airbnb message and 24 hours before they was suppose to arrive they replay and we had a little back and forth message and in the end they cancel.
I got a little worried since Airbnb just option me for penalties if i cancel, there was not optioin for guest breaking rules. Anyway it seems that we can cancel if guest break the rules without penalties.
But i have removed Instant booking for now!

Thanks Imo, i got them to cancel 24 hour before arrival!

Hi John, our price is usually between 8.5 to 16 GBP a night including pickup and drop off at the airport. The income do not support a concierge. If the market would let us have higher prices, i would absolutly use some kind of service. In the end i also have to wait for the service to come to our little Island.


Good to know Chicagohost, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks David, good advice :slight_smile:

Thats correct Yana :smile:

I received an instant book, guest ignored house rules so following a phone call to Airbnb I was told as guest ignored house rules I must write back to them and ask to cancel.

The second time I did this I started received harassing responses asking why I couldn’t accommodate was it personnel etc. Then they turned nasty. So I phoned Airbnb and was told to red flag the email.

The third time Ireceived an instant book, which yet again was in clear breach of my house rules I did exactly as instructed by Airbnb over the phone and wrote back to the guest explaining that having spoke with Airbnb, if a guest ignores the house rules and instant books they require me to ask the guest to cancel.

Clearly the guest called Airbnb themselves, as within 5 minutes Airbnb called me stating I should not have ever asked the guest to cancel!

I politely and clearly explained I had spoke To 2 members of Airbnb staff, who both looked at my listings, confirmed everything was perfect and that it’s a clear case of the guest not reading the rules, and that under such circumstances the host needs to request the guest cancel.

I was then told this was complete miss information and I should never ask a guest to cancel. I said, as a host with fantastic reviews for over 2 years I always take advice from staff when I’m unsure of something, then I follow their every instruction, so how on Earth can you now state the complete opposite that 2 previous staff members had told me to do!

Continuity is a disgrace within the personnel, it seems whatever country answers you get a different answer!

It didn’t just stop at instant book either, I’ve called many times and they just don’t all sign from the same sheet. I even once had to send this bird from Dublin aurbnbs own policy to prove what she was advising was going to get my perfect record ruined!

You honestly can’t do right from wrong when no one within their own company can’t even give the same advice.

I just don’t know how on earth I can continue doing what the so called advisors tell me to do, when the next one states the comple opposite!


This is weird, I was never advised by Airbnb to ask guest to cancel. I had in few instances that guests broke rules, but I called Airbnb, and they cancelled it for me without penalties in my side, and were trying no to place guests somewhere else.

Usually after conversation you get a detailed description of a your conversation with a representative including his/ her name and subject of conversation. You can use it to prove that this is exactly what happened, that you were advices by 2 different people to do something that a third person said not to ever do again

I know, I’ve hosted for 2 years. And in all that time, it seems whoever answers the phone tells me to do the complete opposite from the last.

For non instant books, you can build a repor, let the guest know what to expect etc, the really problem I believe, is some guest go ahead and make an instant book without any communication with the host, or, without reading the house rules.

Airbnb made it perfectly clear to me on the phone, by 2 separate people on 2 separate occasions that should a guest instant book and they demand something that is in clear breach of the house rules, prior to their checkin day, the host must explain this to the guest and ask them to cancel, as it was their fault after all so the host shouldn’t be penalised.

That seems to have gone up in smoke now!

As guests think hosts get the money straight away, they start emailing demanding full refunds! Sometimes. Getting really nasty.

The third time I received a instant book who ignored house rules and wanted to check in at 4 am, i yet again followed airbnbs advice and kindly explained my house rules clearly state checkin times and Airbnb ask the guest cancel.

The guest must have complained as Within 5 minutes Airbnb call. And I’m told under no circumstance should I ever ask a quest to cancel. I explained it was a staff member who advised me to do just that so they agreeded to waive any penalty , however, they stated this will be the last time they ever do this.

He attached a policy in a follow up email that states if a guest ignores the house rules, either prior to guest arrival or during the guests stay then the host must report this guest and the guest will be asked to leave by Airbnb. It mentions nothing if the guest booked via instant book and ignores the house rules. which, means without such stipulation in will legally apply to all bookings,

Sometimes, I really don’t know who runs this show!