Instant Book hosts can see guest ratings now

Just something new I noticed

Not on the App unfortunately

One of many reasons to not use the App but use the real site instead…

I don’t see it on the real site either! Where are you? Maybe they didn’t introduce it everywhere…

@Inna. I do see it! If you go to your message list, look for the guest name in the left hand column, then below is their verification status plus no of reviews, next line is location, then the report button, and finally overall rating. Click on the words Overall Rating, and you will see the stars for all of the categories.

18 AM

With all the identifying information, that is as much screen shot as I feel comfortable taking/sharing.

Aha, so it’s visible in the message! Thanks, smtucker! :slight_smile: I found it.

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Interestingly enough, though, I don’t see it for all of my guests. Even some of those who have a decent amount of reviews.

Past or future guests? I can imagine that they have not given us this data retroactively, but I haven’t actually checked. I have only looked at my current guest; the one making coffee right now.

Past guests. Funny, after refreshing their messages several times, it appeared. Is there a way for us to figure out what are our grades as guests? :smiley:

I’ve just checked out some of my conversations with potential guests that didn’t book after all. I cannot see their ratings…

Also I cannot see the ratings of the guests that i had before turning the instant booking on. I have IB since the beginning, but these were made before this feature was available. So now it offers me to turn on IB in order to see guest’s rating. :smiley:

I believe any current and past reservations where they were instant booked it is visible if they have been reviewed by other hosts. Any past ones where they werent instant booked, they offer to let you turn on instant book to see their rating, even if its on already lol

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